K-drama: What Kills Me

10:45 PM

Hello my lovelies~ Welcome back to my blog ^^ Here's another late night blog entry lol

Well, here we go. Have you ever watched a Korean drama before? Because, if you've watched one Korean drama, then that means that you've watched a bunch more after that. Because my dears, Korean dramas are like potato chips/chocolates/insert something addictive here, you can NEVER just have one. *BOTTOM LINE: Korean Dramas are ADDICTIVE*

With that all said, I'm sure you've noticed a few things. Like how no matter what the circumstances are, the lead female with ALWAYS end up with the jerk! Don't argue with me, she always does. Sure, the lead jerky male usually ends up easing up and becoming kinder in the end, but lets not forget how he treats her like trash or an object of possession through out the drama. 

Moreover, there's always the Shin Woo of the drama. (I'm referring to the character Shin Woo from the K-drama You're Beautiful who's played by CN BLUE's Yonghwa). The Shin Woo of the drama is that one guy who treats the lead female like a princess and is so sweet and kind and loving and perfect and WHY DOESN'T THE LEAD FEMALE EVER END UP WITH HIM????? The Shin Woo of the drama always takes a back seat to the lead jerky male. The Shin Woo of the drama most often confronts the lead jerk about being a jerk, but always ends up accepting the fact that the lead female is in love with the jerk.

Which leads me onto my next observation: the lead female of the drama is ALWAYS blind to who's openly expressing their love for her! She seems to only care about the lead jerk. For example, you would have the Shin Woo of the drama dropping hints at liking her or doing things that would usually make a girl think "Wow, this guy must really like me." BUT, the lead female is oblivious to this. Because of the lead female's obliviousness, this usually leads to the Shin Woo openly confessing his love to her. Then the oblivious lead female will act so surprised like she never noticed. Because she never did notice. Because she was too focused on the lead jerk -_-

Some more food for thought is how ungrateful the lead female can be LOL Okay, okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But why do the lead females always get so angry when they're caught in a love triangle? Or love square? Or love pentagon? WHY??? If I had a bunch of hot Korean guys who were in love with me, I would personally be having the time of my life LOLOL 

So yeah~ these are just some thoughts that occur to me as I watch my trillions of K-dramas. (DISCLAIMER: I love K-dramas and am not hating ^^) As you watch K-dramas, you'll notice that almost all K-dramas follow the same formula. And that formula is *Lead Jerkface Male + Lead Oblivious Female Who Inevitably Will Fall In Love With The Jerkface + Sweet & Charming Shin Woo (Who WON'T Get The Girl)* 

LOL What are your thoughts on K-dramas? Have you noticed the things that I've noticed too? (I know you have, don't lie lol) What other things have you noticed? 

(SIDE NOTE: Here are some good dramas that follow the typical K-drama formula: You're Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs, Pretty Man, K-pop The Ultimate Audition, To The Beautiful You, & Cinderella's Sister)

Thanks for reading my extremely long K-drama post filled with my K-drama feels ^^ Until next time!

   -Payton ^^


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