Life~: The Start of a New Year

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Hello guys~ 

This year is rapidly coming to an end! I can't believe that a whole year has passed. As the year comes to an end, many people are reflecting on how they felt the year went for them. So, I think it's time that I reflect also ^^

This year definitely has had its ups and downs. So, I'm personally going to outline 3 positives and 3 negatives about this year! Lets go!

Negatives: Now, I wanted to start out with the negatives so we could end the post happily with the positives. I don't want to describe every negative thing that happened this year because that'd be impossible to remember every little bit, so I'll just mention some general points.

Obviously, as I progress through high school, life will inevitably get harder. So my first negative is stress from school. I know, I know, everyone goes through it. But high school years are a huge part of a student's life. As a current junior in high school, I am not hesitant to say that school really sucks lol Having 1 AP class & 1 Honors class as a sophomore was manageable, but having 3 AP classes & 1 honors as a junior really sucks. Before anyone lectures me about that not being too bad, lets move onto my next negative. 

My next negative would be stress from my club (which I am president of). It's really hard to balance studying with managing & leading my club. My club is no ordinary club, because it is one that participates in community service activities that benefit schools, communities, and the lives of the less fortunate. With that said, my club requires ALOT of planning and dedication. With my officer cabinet being small and on the rather weak side, I find myself carrying the weight of my club. It really does kill me when I feel like I'm the only one who cares about the club. But all the work that I put into the club is worth it <3 

Any who, the biggest negative of them all is when there was sickness in the family. My beloved grandfather fell ill around Christmas of last year, but had to be hospitalized through early 2013. Although he is a million times better today than he was before, he still has to go back to the hospital for many surgeries. He's doing alright though ^^

Positives: Now with all of the depressing negatives out of the way, lets get onto the main positives of this year! 

Although I mentioned stress from my club as a negative, the rewards that come along with being president of my club are a definite positive. When all of the planning and tending to problems is taken care of, being president couldn't be more rewarding. I adore the members of my club because, you know, they're the reason why I try so hard. Without the love and support of my members, I would have no club. The main reward of my club would be that I have grown as a person and have a better sense of leadership & confidence. 

Now onto something that isn't school related. This has to be my favorite positive point: getting to attend 3 K-pop concerts this year. I am truly truly truly thankful to have been given opportunities to be in the presence of my beloved K-pop stars. That is all because of the generous funding of my mom, who is probably reading this post right now (Hi Moom, I love you <3) Now I was able to witness BAP & Infinite when they came to America for their concert tours. The third concert I was able to go to was the KCON 2013 concert (which had f(x), G Dragon, 2 AM, EXO K & EXO M, Henry of SuJu and many more). 

All I can say is that these concerts were life changing. No, not because of the artificial reasons (such as being close enough to see the sweat on 오빠's sexy face). But because of the thought that someone from the other side of the world, who one'd think I'd never be face to face with in person, was standing right before my eyes. Singing. Dancing. Speaking. Breathing LOL Just like how they did on the computer screen when I fell in love with them. 

Moreover, another positive was meeting my amazing pen pals. I decided to make an account at because I initially wanted a Korean pen pal to practice my Korean with. Well, I've ended up with around 96 different pen pals from places all across the globe. Surprisingly, only a minority of them are Korean. I adore each and everyone of my pen pals because I feel that they have helped me become a more well rounded person. Each pen pal gives me a different perspective of life and the world in general. I've tutored many of them in English, as they've in turn gladly sent me pictures of local areas, their schools/classrooms, or even the inside of their school bus just to give me insight on how life is in their world.

With my initial motives to have Korean pen pals, I have two that are very dear to my heart lol They're happy to tell me about daily life and give me insight on how I can improve my Korean. We also have adorable conversations in Konglish lol (SIDE NOTE: If my 성진아 & 지원 언니 are reading this, 많이 사랑해요 하고 너무 감사해요 ㅎㅎ)

With my 3 positives and negatives out of the way, I just want to say that this year was all in all alright~ And I'm hoping next year will be even better. I'm very thankful for my family, friends, K-pop friends, and my silent KPWP viewers who're reading this post right now <3 I hope everyone's New Year's resolutions come true~ I don't really have any new year's resolutions. I think I'll just try to keep myself sane and happy LOL 

Until next time,

    -Payton ^^

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