Life~: Winter Break + My future ambitions for my blog ^^

11:19 PM


Hey guys~ It's me, Payton ^^ 

Oh god, I just finished up finals week and am now on a three week winter break. Although I'm on break, I have a ton of AP class work and planning to do for a club that I'm president of at school (and no, it's not the k-pop club....I should start that up though lol)

But now that I'm on break, I'll have a lot more time to spend on my blog. I'd like to start posting my Ulzzang makeup and Ulzzang fashion tutorials on here~ Would you guys be interested in that? lol (Since my blog is fairly new, I sort of feel like I'm talking to please don't be afraid to comment~ It'd let me know that I'm not alone here lol)

I'd also like to fangirl about new k-pop videos and k-dramas here! I think that'd be fun. I think reaction videos would be even funnier lol Because, when new stuff from a group I love comes out, $hit goes down lol

Well, anyways, it's around 11 pm here and I should send myself off to bed. I just wanted to let you all know of my future ambitions for my blog. I'd love to here from you guys so don't be afraid to comment ^^ I'd like to have a close bond with fellow bloggers~ Maybe you could give me a tip or two on how to achieve and maintain a popular blog? lol

Until next time~

   -Payton ^^

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