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Ulzzang Makeup: My Signature Ulzzang Makeup Look ^^ [Photo Heavy]

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안녕하세요 친구들~  페이튼 입니다 ^^ Welcome back to my blog!

Today's post will be about my signature Ulzzang makeup look and how I do it! Below will be a picture tutorial of how I complete the look above! 


1) Make sure your hair is pulled back (In my case, with a hello kitty head band from Target) Also, make sure so start out with a freshly washed face to ensure we have a clean canvas to work with ^^ -ignore my ugly no makeup face-

2) Using, my Laura Mercier primer in Wheat, apply that to the top lid and to the bottom outer corners of your eyes, like so. 

3) Blend it in. Then apply the shimmery Bare Minerals Primer over it. The reason why we are applying primer to the bottom outer corners is because this eyeliner look is VERY bottom heavy and concentrated in the lower outer corners of the eyes. *Primer in the outer corners is very important*

4) Using a liquid pen eyeliner, line your top lid as close to the lash line as possible. We want the line to be very thin and natural looking.

5) Using that same eyeliner, extend the end of the line you just made either straight to elongate your eyes, OR downwards to create droopy eyes. *I drew downwards and created droopy eyes* THEN, draw a line from the bottom outer 1/3 of your eye and connect it to the top line. (Did that make sense lol) You have now created an outline for you to fill in ^^

Overview out the outline on both eyes

*My head is tilted in the picture so it looks uneven -_- but it's even ^^*

6) Now for the easy part: fill in the outline you just created with your liquid liner :)

7) Highlight your inner corners & 2/3 of your bottom lash line with white liner/white eyeshadow ^^

8) Apply BB Cream evenly all over your face and blend in.

*Your skin should look more even and imperfections should be blurred*

9) Apply rose salve (or chapstick) to your lips, the apply a hot pink/pink lipstick to your inner top & bottom lips.

Anddddd~ We're finished! HERE"S THE FINAL LOOK

Thanks for tuning in and hopefully you found this picture tutorial helpful ^^

난 너무 감사해요. 사랑해요 <3 

Until next time, 메리 크리스마스 ^^

    -Payton ^^

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