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Ulzzang Makeup: The Products I Use [Photo Heavy]

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Hello friends~ Welcome back to my blog ^^ Today's post will be about the makeup products I use to achieve my signature Ulzzang makeup. 

(SIDE NOTE: As you guys may be able to tell, I am not Korean -_- I am Asian and can read, speak, and write in Korean though ^^ but I do not have those beautiful mono lids like those famous Korean ulzzangs. So my eye look is done in a way to compliment double eye lids.) 

Let's introduce the products that I use~

FACE PRODUCTS: 1) Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light/Medium

Now, the reason why I am using an American BB cream (which is nothing compared to the legit Korean BB creams) is because I live in America where it is really hard to find Korean BB Creams -_- Or if I do find some, I either need to order them online OR they are outrageously expensive lol Nonetheless, this BB cream actually isn't too bad. You are able to build up the coverage as you like and it's very light weight on the skin. BUT if you have oily skin like I do (I have seriously oily skin) this BB cream will not last even 2 hours on you. But since this BB cream is very natural, I am able to get away with using this. I use this every single day and am pretty happy with it. 
(SIDE NOTE: although this bb cream bottle looks tiny, I have had this bottle of BB cream since AUGUST and am still using the SAME bottle and it is now DECEMBER.)

EYE PRODUCTS: 2) Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer & 3) Laura Mercier Eyelid Base in Wheat

Alright girls (and guys ^^) if you want your eyeliner to last all day (or as long as it possibly can) then MAKE SURE YOU PRIME YOUR EYES. Especially if you have oily skin!!!!! I have oily skin, and these primers do especially well in making sure my eyeliner, ect stays in place. The Bare Minerals primer (the white skinny tube on the left) is very very shimmery and looks like eye shadow when applied on the lids. *This primer is perfect if you want a fancier look or if you want to make it look like you're wearing eyeshadow when you really aren't* 
More over, the Laura Mercier primer (The one on the right) works the same way that the other primer works. The main difference is that the Laura Mercier primer is very matte and would be perfect for a more natural look. 
*Both can be purchased at Sephora*

4) L'OREAL The Super Slim 12 HR Infallible Liquid Eyeliner in 400 Black

Now, if one makeup product in this post could be picked as the focal point, it would be this eyeliner! Now because I don't have those beautiful monolids, I like to line my eyes in a way to elongate them and make them look more "Korean Ulzzang like". Also called the "puppy dog eyes". I love love love this eyeliner! *Make sure to PRIME your eyes before applying and do an occasional smudge check on humid days*
(SIDE NOTE: A picture tutorial of how I achieve my signature puppy dog eye look will be posted soon)

5) Milani Fashion Shadow in 04 Backstage Basics

*Sorry my palette is so messy from being dragged around with me everywhere LOL* Now, this is NOT by any means a necessity. I mainly just use the shimmery white eyeshadow (at the top of the palette) to accentuate my 애교살 *eye bags* and inner corners.

LIPS: 6) C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve

Next to my liquid eyeliner, this has to be my favorite product! I love love love this rose salve. Honestly, I don't know what salve mean BUT I do know that this is basically a lip balm in a little pot lol It will make your lips so soft, smooth, and kissable~ It's not tinted at all and is a prefect base to wear under a gradient ulzzang lip look. 
*Can be found at Bath and Body Works*

7) Maybelline Color Whisper in 50 Cherry on Top

Now, for the last product~ This is a beautiful lip color and although it looks like it would be too poppy and over powerful on the lips, it is actually rather sheer. BUT you can build up the color if you coat your lips with it more that once. I love using this product to create the perfect gradient ulzzang lip look. It gives you a subtle pop of pink on your lips to make your ulzzang look more innocent looking~

SO~~~ these were my main products that I use for creating my signature ulzzang makeup look! I will post a picture tutorial on how to use all of the products listed above to achieve the perfect ulzzang look soon!

Until next time~

    -Payton ^^ 

여러분 사랑해요 <3 안녕~~~

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