K-pop: Must View = B1A4 없구나 (Lonely) [GIF Heavy]

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얘들아, 잘 들어 ㅎㅎ
Hello guys and welcome back to KPWP! 

(SIDE NOTE: Today I'm excited to introduce a new segment under the K-pop tab that I'll be calling "MV" which stands for "Must View". In this segment, I will be talking about new k-pop music videos that have recently came out and give my opinions on them ^^ This way I can introduce new k-poppers to new music & show old k-poppers my preference in k-pop~)

This Must View will be on B1A4's 없구나 aka Lonely. 

First off, I'd like to say that this song is definitely up my alley. I loved the intro (with it's fantastic beat, amazing background vocals, and just beautiful vocals in general). Fantastic. I'm super duper blown away lol BTW I love Jinyoung & CNU~

I've been a choir student for years, and I'm familiar with how good vocals should sound like. The vocals of this song were totally kick ass. Not to be biased, but I do think Jinyoung was exceptional in this song. I love how unique his voice is ^^ And as for Baro, I usually am not a fan of his raps. Because I usually feel as if his raps just don't fit naturally in with the rest of the song. Yet, in this song, I felt his rap was very nice & complimented this song~ 

I loved the music video too. I really was feeling the whole balloon & pastel thing they had going on. And of course, how Jinyoung tied the girl to a balloon string in order to not lose her definitely tugged on my heart strings. Especially when he decided to just let her go...the feels are real lol

As for the dance, B1A4 always has adorable and fun dances that are rather simple & fun to learn~ This song was of course no exception. I thought it was the most adorable thing and I was left squealing throughout the whole MV. Here are some high lights of my favorite parts of the dances~ I especially liked the scarf dance part. It reminded my of the NU'EST tie dance. Sort of. Wait, not really lol

Omg~ So cute, I can't even ^^ 

Anyways~ thanks for reading with me & checking out the first Must View on B1A4's Lonely~ Hopefully you were introduced to a new group or you were able to fangirl with me ^^

Here's a reward for reading all the way ^^ lol 와 와 와 진영 오빠~ 진짜 잘생겼거든~

Until next time, 

     -Payton ^^

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  1. I really like B1A4's songs !
    I especially love the mv of Lonely.

    1. Hi MuShii~ I absolutely adored the MV of Lonely <3 Thanks for reading ^^


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