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Ulzzang Fashion: Spring Happy ^^ [Photo Heavy]

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안녕하세요 내 사랑 <3 잘 지냈어요? ㅎㅎ

Hello guys~ Today's post will be about spring friendly fashion. 

I know that it's barely January, but honestly, here in the west coast...Winter was done a LONG time ago. It rarely gets cold here where I live lol So all of my lovely sweaters sit in my closet even though one would think that I would wear them in winter. 

So, since it's rather warm where I live, I'm going to get a head start in putting together my spring Ulzzang fashion~ Now, I'm putting casual and dressy outfits together with my personal judgement of what I think an Ulzzang would possibly wear while adding in my personal flare. (DISCLAIMER: It is not the makeup or the fashion or the pretty Korean face that makes an Ulzzang an Ulzzang! I personally believe that self confidence is what makes a person an Ulzzang. Because self confidence brings out one's true beauty ^^)

Now, on to the outfits~

1) f(x) floral

f(x) Pink Tape Tank Top: K-Con LA 2013 (SIZE REFERENCE: One Size)
Pink Floral Lace Skirt: Kohl's (SIZE REFERENCE: I'm wearing an extra small)
Platform Converse: Converse Store

I think this outfit would be perfect for all of my k-pop fans, especially those who love f(x)~ (SIDE NOTE: f(x) is my absolute favorite girl group) Now, this outfit has a really girly touch to it because of the floral pink lace on the skirt. With out the f(x) Pink Tape shirt, the outfit would be more on the fancy side. So that's why I decided to tune it down with my casual f(x) Pink Tape tank top. I personally think that the f(x) tank top and the floral skirt compliment each other well.

2) Short Faculty

Green Faculty Crop Top: Urban Outfitters (SIZE REFERENCE: I'm wearing a small)
High Waisted Shorts: These are a hand-me-down -sorry-
Roxy Two Toned Boots: TJ Maxx

This outfit would be great for those who are slowly easing into Ulzzang fashion. This outfit is very very simple and casual. Perfect for hanging out with friends, a day at an amusement park, school, ect. 

3) Lace on Lace

Aqua Blue Floral Lace Long Sleeve: Forever 21 (SIZE REFERENCE: I'm wearing a small)
White Pleated Lace Skirt: Forever 21 (SIZE REFERENCE: I'm wearing an extra small)
Platform Converse: Converse Store

This outfit is more on the dressier side. I think this could be a nice outfit to wear on Easter maybe? lol The aqua blue floral lace shirt can be tucked into the skirt for a nice clean cut look OR be left untucked for a slightly more casual, informal look. My trusty platform converse toned the look down.

4) Ulzzang Baby Blue 

Baby Doll Top: Forever 21 (SIZE REFERENCE: I'm wearing a small)
White Lacey Mini Skirt: Forever 21 (SIZE REFERENCE: I'm wearing a small)

Platform Converse: Converse Store

This is my favorite outfit out of these four ulzzang picks. I feel that the top really captures the innocent ulzzang image while also being a pretty pastel color for spring. This outfit is more on the dressier side, so again, maybe a nice outfit for Easter or a dinner out. I threw on my platform converse to make the look a bit more casual looking.

Hopefully you all found this post helpful and/or inspiring when styling yourself this spring! 

Until next time,

     -Payton ^^

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  1. I love your f(x) t-shirt hehe~ It goes really nicely with that skirt too! Unfortunately it's still super duper cold and flooded where I live so I can't wear my skirts and T-shirts just yet._.

    Great post, I also love Ulzzang fashion so thanks for sharing your outfits^^ x

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Emily~ I actually would love cold weather in winter, but here where I live it's always HOT lol Thanks for stopping by~


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