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Ulzzang Makeup: Mini Skin Food Haul~ [Photo Heavy]

8:28 AM

Hello everyone~ Welcome back to KPWP ^^

Today I have an exciting thing to share with you guys...a mini Skin Food haul~ Now it's a mini haul because I only bought 6 items (yet I spent $90 there -_-) Skin Food is a Korean makeup/skin care brand that's famous for putting healthy & edible ingredients in their products. I totally splurged and spent a ton of money at the physical Skin Food store on sunday (but only because this store is super far away from where I live and because this store is the only place where I could get these products without having to buy it online).

I haven't tried out any of the products, but I plan on reviewing each of them individually in a future post under the Ulzzang Makeup tab ^^

Let's introduce the products~

1) Skin Food Tomato Smoothie Tint in Orange Tomato

I purchased this for $9.80 at the physical store.

2) Skin Food Tomato Jelly Tint Lip in Cherry Tomato

I purchased this for $10 at the physical store.

3) Skin Food Almond Volume King! Mascara in King Black

I purchased this for $11.80 at the physical store.

4) Skin Food Choco Smoky Waterproof Eyeline Jam in Choco Black 

I purchased this for $18 at the physical store.

5) Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream in Shade 03 Sand Beige 

I purchased two of these BB creams for $16.80 EACH.

I know a lot of you maybe thinking that spending $90 for 6 products isn't worth it. But considering the fact that unless I want to order these things online, pay for shipping & handling, and not be able to test them out in person, this was my only option lol The lady who helped me out was super nice and was really patient with me. She also gave me a tooooon of samples ^^

The samples I got were:

1) 2 of the Skin Food Rice Mask samples

2) 3 of the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask samples 

3) 2 of the Skin Food Royal Honey Hydro Essence samples 

4) 2 of the Skin Food Royal Honey Eye Cream samples 

5) 2 of the Skin Food Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream samples

6) 1 of the Skin Food Royal Honey Gift Set samples 

So even though I payed around $90 for 6 items, I got 12 free samples that I'm really excited to try ^^ Hopefully this post has sparked your interest in this Korean makeup brand~ Although the products were rather pricey for a teenager, the products seem of very high quality and are made of very good ingredients that are indeed food for your skin ^^ 

Expect to see future posts on my reviews of each of these products &  picture tutorials on how to use these products soon~~~

Until next time,

     -Payton ^^

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  1. I've never tried any products from Skinfood, but I've just ordered some of the undereye concealer, so I hope that works well^^ Great haul, I'm really looking forwards to your reviews, especially on the BB Cream! x

    1. Thanks for being so supportive, Emily~ Honestly, I've never tried any of Skin Food's products either lol But I'll get my reviews out ASAP ^^

  2. I'm really intrigued by the packaging and theme/concept of skinfood. I was so close to buying the peach sake finishing powder, but I didn't because I have my inner self controlling powers xD I'll be looking forward to those reviews!

    1. Hey Xiu~ Thanks so much for viewing my blog! I'll try to get those reviews up over this weekend ^^


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