K-pop: MUST VIEW = SNSD Mr.Mr. [Photo/Gif Heavy]

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Heeeeeey guys~ It's time for the first ever Must View on a girl group....GIRL'S GENERATION!

Congrats to SNSD for being the first girl group featured on KPWP's Must View Segment!

Let me start of by saying that I honestly am not a huge SONE. I do like SNSD, but f(x) is pretty much the only girl group I listen to. I do favor Sunny from SNSD though!

I will say that I really do like this song. I honestly really did NOT like I Got A Boy at all...the song seemed ridiculously choppy to me. It sort of felt like the writers of I Got A Boy spliced together a bunch of clips of like 20 different songs and called it I Got A Boy lol

Let's talk about the song!

I actually loved this song. I felt like it sounded way more mature and I felt like it suited the girls really nicely. I will be honest and say that I am unable to name all fo the girls of SNSD...but I do have my favorites. Sunny is my favorite and I love her sweet voice in this song. But Taeyeon's voice stood out to me the most in this song. That girl seriously has a set of pipes!
Taeyeon has an amazingly powerful voice~
Doesn't Sunny's sweet voice melt your heart? <3
Let's talk about the video!
The music video was really nice and all! It was really colorful and eye-catching! But...I have NO idea where they were trying to go with the whole doctor concept lol...Someone please explain this to me. It must have a deeper meaning that I'm not getting lol
Why...is she...on the floor...I don't understand LOL 
Yoona...is a doctor? lol I can work with that.
Let's talk about the outfits!
I loved all of the different outfits in this MV! I did like some outfits more than others. I absolutely LOVED the part in the MV when all of the girls were dancing in dress shirts and pants with the hats! It looked really good on them! SNSD has a thing for always looking glam, even when wearing work pants lol But my most favorite outfit of them all was that tuxedo dress that all of the girls were wearing at the end of the music video!!! Will someone please buy me that dress? LOL 
Can someone please buy this dress for me? LOL I need it~ 
I love this look on them~

SNSD makes everything look good~
Let's talk about the dance!
I actually liked the dance! It was simple, yet very chic in my opinion. I've noticed that almost all of the girl groups nowadays have dances that say "I'm-trying-way-too-hard-to-be-sexy". Almost all of the girl groups nowadays are trying way to hard to have sexy outfits and sexy dances to try and stand out. But honestly, in my opinion, they just look like Try-Hards. I love how SNSD strayed away from the sexy dances and stuck to a more simple, chic dance that totally suited the girls and the song~ 
OMG this dress, man lol

lol the 'button up your cuff' dance 

cute hand motions~
All in all, I am pretty pleased with this song! What are your guys' opinions on this song? Who's your favorite SNSD member?
Sunny is my fave SNSD member~
Also, if there's a certain K-pop music video that you would like to be featured in KPWP's Must View segment, make sure to comment the name of it down below!

Thanks for reading and until next time,

    -Payton <3

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