Life~: Taking a Leap

9:29 PM

Heyyy guys~ Do you know what this friday is? VALENTINE'S DAY~ 

(EXO fans, anyone? ^^)

Alright, so I have something embarrassing/hilarious to share with those of you who are interested in my school/social life...

My school is doing this event where you can send a chocolate rose gram to your friends/crushes/girlfriend/boyfriend. So...there was this boy who I've liked for about a year now, and you guessed it...I sent him one & on the note that came along with it, I basically said I liked him.

EXCEPT I didn't put my name on it LOL I did that on purpose, because I was way too shy to put my name on it. BUT HERE'S THE HILARIOUS PART: I put a hint on it. But that hint was a sort of inside thing between him and I LOL So in all honesty, I really should have just put my name on it. Because in reality, putting that damn hint on the rose gram card was friggen equivalent to putting my name on it LOL 

Anywho, the school would send it to him during one of his periods, but the funny thing is that I didn't know which period they would give it to him in. AND I HAVE 2 OUT OF 6 PERIODS WITH HIM LOL 

So basically, it was like Russian Roulette except I wouldn't necessarily physically die if he received the gram during a period I had with him. I would for friggen sure die eternally, mentally, and emotionally though LOL Bottom line was that I really didn't want to see his reaction. 

My biggest problem was that the second after I sent the gram earlier this week, I started second guessing myself and over thinking it. I do like the dude, and I guess I was just tired of us being where we were as friends. Although I sort of caught the hint that he was into someone else a while back, I sort of just threw caution to the wind and sent that card. I basically leapt before I looked.

But you know what? I honestly don't really care if the feelings I have for him are mutual or not. I'm just proud of myself for taking such a big risk and putting my heart out on the table. Honestly, I think that you really can't fly without the risk of falling. 

I took a risk knowing that I would either fall and get hurt or fly. I really don't know what'll happen next, so I can't say if I'm falling or flying right now.(I also don't know if he got the rose gram or not LOL) But I do know that if this doesn't go as planned & I end up on the ground (figuratively LOL) I WILL be resilient and pick myself back up & dust myself off~ 

I mean, if this doesn't work out, I'll always have k-pop and korean dramas, right? Oh wait, I'll have friends, family, and KPWP followers also LOL I love you guys <3 You guys can be my valentine LOL 

Hopefully you got a little laugh & insight out of my idiocy and my embarrassing story~ And hopefully your Valentine's day will go better than mine LOL 
(Yuzuru is sooooo cute~ I DIDN'T MAKE THIS LOL)
With lots and lots of love 'til next time,

       -Payton <3

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  1. Awwh that story is so cute! You're so brave to do that hehe^^

    (I also love the Sehun card~ yehet:p)

    1. haha thanks for reading it Emily <3 LOL hopefully it entertained you haha~ yehet ^^

  2. awww your adorable!!
    how did your valentines go???
    tehehe yours sounded really intresting and fun~~~
    xxox Charmaineee

    Charrmyn [Click!~]
    New OOTD [Click!~]

    1. Hey Charmaine~ Thanks for reading! I posted about what happened here ( <3


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