Life: What Happened on Valentine's Day

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Hey guys~ Happy Saturday ^^

Me in my hotel room~
Oops I'm in Vegas~ haha My sister has a dance competition and I'm here to cheer her on! But anyways, I'd just like to update you guys on a few things. 

One thing that has gotten quite a lot of your guys' attentions was my post about sending my crush a rose gram at Taking a Leap. That post is so embarrassing and I thought no one would read it...but that post got quite a lot of popularity. A lot of you guys were curious about what happened...So I guess I'll share lol

Well, let me outline my week for you guys before you guys can fully understand what happened. Well, nothing happened on Monday. I payed for the rose gram on Tuesday. Apparently, my school started sending the grams out on Wednesday. 

On Wednesdays, I have 2 periods with the boy I sent the rose gram to. I have him in the first and last periods of the day. The only period that I don't have with him is the middle period. I'm assuming that he received the rose gram in his middle period. 

-Exhales a sigh of relief- I was so glad that I didn't have to witness him get it LOL But the part you guys were interested in was what happened after he received it. 

Well...Here it goes...

Nothing. Nothing happened... He never directly said anything to me about it when he received it on Wednesday. He's usually a rather out spoken person, and I was expecting him to straight up ask me if I sent it to him. He never did LOL 

But after school on Wednesday (the day he received my rose gram), I was waiting in the main office to get picked up by my mom. I was sitting near a window and I was the only student in the office. Usually, there are a bunch of students in there with me and there are no open seats available. But I was alone.

In my peripheral vision, I saw him peek into the main office window then scurry away. I laughed quizzically at his strange actions, but continued to sit in the office, listening to my ipod. But a few minutes later, he sheepishly walked in and sat down in the seat next to me (out of all of the empty chairs in the office, he chose to sit in the one right next to me LOL)

When he first sat down, he wasn't facing me and I was looking to him expectantly, as I turned my ipod off. He then turned to me as if he hadn't seen me when he walked in and picked the seat right next to me and said "Oh hi." 

My heart stopped. I was almost one hundred percent sure that he was going to confront me about the rose gram. But we ended up just engaging in some random small chat. He brought up some weird topics such as my elementary school crushes (which was weird because he DIDN'T go to the same elementary as me). 

He somehow knew about how my elementary best friend liked this one specific guy and was talking to me about it. But 1) I had no idea how he had figured out this information because he was living in Korea at the time I was in elementary school and 2) I had no idea why he was bringing it up to me.

He then asked me "Did you like him too?" (meaning, did I like the same boy that my elementary best friend liked). I then said yes, because I did like that boy back then. But, I mean, I was in elementary school.

He then replied with "What? Really? Why? What did you like about him? Tell me what you liked about him." 

-Sigh- I'm not going to say what happened after that, because it's rather irrelevant. But moreover, he was at an all day field trip on Thursday, so I didn't see him at all. We didn't have school in session on Friday, due to president's weekend. So I didn't get to see him on Valentine's Day because I was driving up to Vegas~

So...there you have it. That's how everything went down after I sent him the rose gram. I'm not sure how to respond to that whole situation. 

What do you guys think? Why do you think he'd bring up random things that happened in the past and ask me why I liked this boy in elementary school? I'm all confused LOL Help me lolol

Well, there you have it guys. That's a slice of my daily life lol I hope I didn't disappoint you when you found out that nothing really happened between me and that boy I sent the rose gram to LOL 

Were you expecting me to say that we had a happy K-drama ending and are now dating? LOL In my dreams, maybe lol 

Until my next embarrassing story,

    -Payton <3

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