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My K-drama tab has been neglected lately! Sorry about that ><

Shamelessly me. Like seriously me. LOL
Soooo, since I am on spring break, that means that I have waaaaaay more free time to k-pop and watch k-drama! I have seen so many amazing k-dramas, but more great ones keep coming out~

Let's talk about my current 3 favorites!

1) Bride of the Century (백년의 신부)
Here is an official poster advertising the drama~
Okay this drama is absolutely amazing so far~ I'm totally hooked. Of course, at first I was only watching this drama because of Hongki. But, his character is a bit of an ass in the beginning, but then he becomes lovable <3 
Hongki with Jin Sung~
Also, I am IN LOVE with the lead female Yang Jin Sung who plays both Doo Rim and Yi Kyung. I am so in love with Doo Rim's character. She's totally sweet, considerate, and bubbly~ 
Yang Jin Sung who plays my beloved Doo Rim and also Yi Kyung
And OMG Jung Hae In (who plays Hongki's younger brother) is absolutely adorable! He is supposedly a group member of 'Monster'. The group members in Monster are played by an actual K-pop group called LC9! LC9 rocks! Go check out their music~
Jung Hae In who plays Hongki's adorable younger brother Kang In
LC9 who plays Kang In's group Monster
2) Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup (달래 된, 장국: 12년만의 재회)
An official poster advertising the drama~
This drama has just came out and I've fallen in love within the first half hour of the first episode~ If you're young like me (within the teenage years) you will be hooked immediately because in the first few episodes of the drama, there is a flash back to the main characters' teenage years in high school. It's quite a long flashback that lasts a few episodes. SO MANY CUTE TEENAGE KOREAN BOYS LOL 
Yoon So Hee who plays the younger ver of the lead female Jang Gook
Lee Won Geun who plays the cutie patootie younger version of the lead male Yoo Joon Soo
I've actually looked at the cast list of characters that are going to be shown once the teen flashback episodes are over, and there are so many actors that I love and adore that will soon be in this drama! This drama IS A MUST SEE if you like eye candy~
Plays the adult ver of Yoo Joon Soo and is also starring in I Need Romance 3!
The hot Kim Shi Hoo who plays the older ver of Joon Sung and also has starred in Love Rain!!!
Oh Seung Yun who plays the older ver of Jang Hoon and has also starred in Love Rain!
The absolutely adorbs Choi Won Hong who plays the younger ver of Joon Sung and has also starred in Playful Kiss!!!
3) I need Romance 3 (로맨스가 필요해 3)
An adorable official poster advertising the drama~
I've actually finished this drama, but this drama is really moving. At the end of each episode, I swear that you will learn a lesson/moral about love and life. This drama was very beautiful. In it, a cold female workaholic basically learns how to openly love again without having to think twice about it. 
Lead male played by Sung Joon with lead female played by Kim Seo Yeon~
BTW I am so in love with Sung Joon~ He was amazing in both Shut Up Flower Boy Band and The Gu Family book <3

I totally recommend this drama if you're not into those teeny bopper dramas for the kiddies and crazy teens like me lol This work place drama is way more mature than the other dramas I've watched. I still really liked it though~

Okay~ so that's it for my updated 3 current favorite K-dramas~ I hope I was able to recommend a few good ones to you if you're a K-drama newbie ^^ 

Let me know if you're watching any of these dramas right now so we can spazz together :D

Until next time,

     -Payyyyton >~<

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  1. Hello :D
    I just discovered your blog :)
    I'm a big fan of drama too héhé And Pride of century is one of my favorite too (>w<)
    I love Lee Hong Ki (I'm a fan of FT Island) and the story is just so perfect! <3

    1. OMG I know right~ That drama was soooooo good and I totally love Hongki & FT Island <3

      Thanks so much for viewing my blog!

      xoxo Payton <3


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