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4:41 PM

Hey guys~ It's been a while since I've posted under the K-pop tab! Sorry about that -_-

Let's talk about what I've been listening to a lot these days!

1) Drawing the Line (KOR & ENG Ver) by Royal Pirates
Okay, let me just say that these dudes are amazing! Both the english and korean versions of this song are natural and don't feel awkward. Usually, one version would seem better than the other, but both versions amaze me equally. Their english version is totally on point! (Aside from the pronunciation of 'autumn' lol) And I gotta say...Moonchul is so cute >~<

2) First Sensibility Album by BAP
Yes. I have been listening to BAP's full album. All day. Everyday. LOL Some specific songs I've been listening to on repeat other than "1004" are "Save Me", "BABY", "Lovesick", and "쉽죠". I think I love them all equally. But Save Me and 1004 really spoke to me lol

3) 입술이 밉다 (Hesitating Lips) by 유승우 (Yoo Seung Woo) 

This song is absolutely beautiful! His sound has totally matured in my opinion. And I can't explain how much I love his black hair~ He looks way more mature and handsome instead of childishly cute when he had that chocolate brown hair lol This song is about wanting to confess but hesitating ^^ SO CUTE 

4) Can't Stop by CN BLUE
This song and music video is just magical. You MUST watch the live performances of this song, it's absolutely spectacular. After I fell in love with Yonghwa after watching You're Beautiful, I also fell in love with CN BLUE. This band never ceases to amaze me. Gotta love this song. 

So this is just a small peek into what I've had on repeat on my ipod recently~ I'll make sure to update soon! Spring break is in 5 days, so expect more posts!!!

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Until next time,

     -Payton >~<

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  1. I've been listening to CNBLUE new mini album too! I love their MV too. thanks for sharing this.


    1. CN BLUE's amazing, right? ^^
      Haha thanks so much for reading <3


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