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안녕하세요 여러분~ 잘 지냈어요? 
Today I have a new segment for my K-pop tab~

Just a few of the featured songs!
As you know, I usually only post Must Views and my K-pop current listenings under the K-pop tab. In the K-pop world, music videos come out continuously every month. That makes it hard for me to review every single music video by my favorite groups ><

So, I have decided that instead of putting so much time and energy into reviewing ONE music video, I will make a post on EIGHT music videos that have stood out to me this month. And I will call it my Monthly K-pop Upd8!

Let's talk about the MV's~

1) 치사 Bounce (Chisa Bounce)- MIB
The handsome MIB~
Although MIB (aka Men In Black) isn't one of my most favorite groups, it is a group that I enjoy listening to. They're quite different from your usual poppy bubblegum sound, as they are older than the usual boy group age. 

I loved how they incorporated bits and pieces of their previous song Men in Black. 
They're so adorable and quirky!

This part had me giggling ><
My bias of the group, Kangnam <3
A pic of Kangnam from a live performance of this song~

2) 키스할래요 (Kiss Scene)- APRINCE
The adorable APRINCE >~<
APRINCE is NOT a well known group even though they debuted two years ago in 2012. Since then, they have lost a member and gained a new one, Woobin. They usually have a cutesy flower boy image, which I think really suited them. In their last single called "Yes or No", their concept took a turn for the worst because they attempted a bad boy image. IT DID NOT WORK LOL

But I am ever so glad that they came out with Kiss Scene! In this music video, they took on Peter Pan like characters and were trying to solve a 'puzzle' that would lead them to Wendy. Please give their awkward acting a break, they're really trying and working hard~ 

I've been listening to this song on replay, and it puts me in such a happy and upbeat mood. This is my favorite song and MV out of the 8 MV's I'm reviewing today!
Here's a little guide for those of you who aren't familiar with APRINCE~
My favorite is Siyoon, but Minhyuk is a close second!
Their adorableness and cheesy acting may make you cringe lol

3) 남자답게 (Be a Man)- MBLAQ
MBLAQ is back~
I was so excited to hear that MBLAQ was coming back~ I liked the sexy, soothing sound of this song. The sound of MBLAQ has really matured and become very manly and sexy! Although the music video was nothing really exciting, I really liked the song. I liked the song a million more times than the music video. 

REMEMBER, it is BETTER to like the song better than the MV than to like the MV better than the song!

Sexy crotch grabbing LOL
So dramatic~
My bias, Lee Joon~

4) 첨엔 다 그래 (At First)- JJCC (Double JC)
Here's a picture of ALL of the members of JJCC~
I'm sure you all have heard the hype of Jackie Chan's new group! I guess he's managing them and has wanted to do this for a while! I'm quite impressed. I WAS, however, disappointed how only FOUR out of the FIVE members were featured in the music video. Apparently, the one member not featured was sick. But, I was like 'Why the hell couldn't they wait for that one member to get better before filming the whole dang MV???' LOL 

That was very misleading for me! I thought their were only four members until I saw a live performance! I really think it would have been better to have all of the members in the music video, so they wouldn't mislead and confuse fans. The more, the merrier, though! 

I actually thought...that since Jackie Chan was managing these boys, they would have a martial arts concept...I was wrong LOL I liked the song though!
Aren't they adorbs?
FYI only FOUR members were featured in the music video! These were the featured four!!!
By bias, E.Co~

5) Zombie Party- SPEED
All of the members of SPEED~ 
What does everyone need in their life? A Halloween themed song in Spring, silly! As a lover of Halloween, I like that I can feel the love of Halloween all year long thanks to groups that come out with songs like this (namely Vixx lol). 

What can I say about the song? I do like it! I don't think the girl was very necessary though lol And the pronunciation of 'zombie' was really on point, but I understand that their is really no 'z' in Korean. I do like the song alot~
"Stereotypical zombie" dance lol
My bias, Sungmin~ He's a big baby ><

6) 심장이 뛴다 (Beat)- 100%
Here's a picture of the boys~
I have listened to 100% a few times, but have never really followed them much. I really did like this song though! 

Everything about this song is appealing to me! I like how the intro is sort of R & B like. The chorus is so so so catchy and is always in my head. Listen to it, you shall fall in love! The whole part of the MV where one of the members is in that glass coffin like thing, reminded me of BAP's Power MV. Right? lol

It's like Halloween in March LOL All of these gothic, Halloween like videos are coming out! But I love it! LONG LIVE HALLOWEEN!!!
They've also got a gothic Halloween like vibe going on >< LOVE IT
My favorite part of the dance!

7) Hair Short- Wings
Here are the girls! A bit creepy, right? lol
Wow, these are the only girls that I'm reviewing! Let me say that I'm alot harder on girl groups and it takes more to impress me. I'm alot more lenient on boy groups, because they easily melt my heart. I'm unfazed by female aegyo lol 

But this song is about a women trying to be strong, and cutting her hair because she wanted to. Not just because of a break up or whatever. I loved this song and found it really moving. I also really liked the music video. AND my boo, Ahn Jae Hyun was in it! 

I loved the creepy twins concept! Feeding my year round Halloween needs~ lol
Here are their names to help you out lol


8) Delicious- Toheart
I love Key. I ship him so hard with my wife, Amber. I love Woohyun. I saw him live at the INFINITE concert in LA. Key and Woohyun together??? YES PLEASE~

They are so great together! Their vocals really go well together! This song is super upbeat and dancy~ This song will surely put you in a better mood~

The music video is so colorful and fun! I love the scene when they're shaving in the bathroom! I also love the part when they're playing under the sheets on their bunk bed~ I love the skinship and bromance emitted in this music video!
Their bromance is amazing.
They are too cute~
I ship them now <3
You've made it to the end of this post! Congrats~ I hope you liked this extensive post about the music videos that stood out to me this month! I know I probably left out alot of good ones, but these were the ones that were stuck in my head the most!

Hopefully I was able to keep my busy bee viewers updated! Let me know how you like this segment in the comments or by email!

Until next time,

      -Payton ><

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  1. I like this new post~ hope that you can do more, I'm always up for reading other people's playlists^^

    I haven't listened to all of these songs, but I love MIB and ToHeart is literally one of the best things to happen so far this year*-* Have you listened to the whole album? I really really like the song 'you're my lady', it's so smooth and perfect for the two of them to sing together! ^^ Thanks for sharing Payton x

    1. Emily~ Thanks for always supporting me! I really appreciate it <3

      I actually haven't heard the whole album yet >< I'll definitely look up that song~


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