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Heyyyy guys~ Happy Friday!

in front of the Cinderella castle~ my face looked derpyeol so please enjoy the sun smiley ^^
So as you may know, I headed out to Disney Land on Saturday! As promised, here is a post  of what I did around Disney Land ^^ I took quite a lot of pictures of most of the places I went to around Disney Land & California Adventure.

*I placed smiley suns over my face in the pictures of me because I was super sick at Disney Land and didn't feel like I looked my best hehe Thanks for your understanding~*

Which park do I like better? Hmm that's a hard question. I really dislike roller coasters, yet I do like a lot of the rides in California Adventure (which is right across from Disney). 
I like rides like the swinging Ferris wheel, the Little Mermaid ride, & the new Cars ride. 

But I do think I favor Disney Land more. Because I am a really nostalgic person, I love going on all of the rides I used to ride in Disney Land as a child. At Disney on Saturday, I rode the Tea Cups, the Carousel, and other rides usually favored by the little ones. It was funny to be a 16 year old in line to those rides in an ocean of little ones with their parents LOL 

Here are some pictures~

California Adventure~
a different angle of California Adventure lol

pic from this disney parade~ this is goofy's float

Goofy is waving to KPWP~
totes got first pick for my horse of the Carousel~ I got my warrior horse LOL 

So stoked to get my color of choice when riding the spinning tea cups~ I got my favorite color~
here's a pic of my lunch~ a salmon burger w/sweet potato fries & pomegranate lemonade ^^
professionally taken pics of Cars Land
professionally taken picks of Cars Land
professionally taken pics of the disney crew in front of Cinderella's castle~

So that pretty much sums up my Disney trip! I only stayed for the day then drove back home that night. It was fun to go back over there and relive childhood memories sort of lol Hopefully you had fun getting a peek into Disney Land if you haven't been there~

I'd also like to draw your guys' attention to a new tab on the KPWP website! It's titled "All About Payton" please check it out to see my beauty profile and contact info~

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Until next time,

     -Payton <3

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