Life~: Sick + Disney Land this Saturday ^^

8:54 PM

Hello K-Partiers~

I look pretty healthy in this pic but in reality I'm dying of a cold LOL
How're all of you? I've missed you guys~ Thanks for all of the views you have given me although I haven't been posting as often. School & testing will be the death of me, I swear. 

Well, I'm sick again. I swear that I have THE weakest immune system ever -_- It makes being at school so much harder because I lose my voice and that makes everything awkward LOL 

I have had very little time to do some k-popping & k-drama watching because of freaking school. But I HAVE finished My Love From Another Star and that drama has totally ruined my life. That drama deserves a post under my K-drama tab ASAP! 

BUT in the midst of all of this stupid homework and testing and stress from school, I will be going to Disney Land this Saturday! I'll make sure to take lots of pics for you guys if you haven't been to Disney Land in CA~

I'm so so so looking forward to the weekend and going to Disney <3

Just wanted to share this short update with you guys~ I promise to share a longer post once I'm feeling better & have my posts all sorted out ^^
Found this traditional Chinese blouse @ my Grandma's house...We're not chinese doe...LOL

Talk to you soon,

     -Payton <3

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