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Ulzzang Makeup: Soft for Spring [Photo Heavy]

10:10 AM

Hey guys~ It's spring break! So that means more posts!

This look will give you an adorably soft and sweet look for spring~

I've come to the realization that a heavy black eyeliner look wouldn't look so flattering for the spring. So, I've decided to tone it down to a thinly lined top lid with brown eyeshadow to fill in the lower outer corner of the bottom lash line. I felt like a softer brown would look way more natural and sweet than an all black look~

Let's get started!

1) Sunscreen & a matte finish BB Cream! I am used my Neutrogena SPF 100 Sunscreen and my SKINFOOD BB Cream in Sand Beige.

2) Tight line & prime your eyes!
3) Line your top lid as closely to the lash line as possible and draw the end of the line slightly out/downwards.
4) Draw a line using a soft brown eyeliner from the outer thirds of your bottom lash line to the line you had just created on your top lid.
5) Use the soft brown shadow to fill in the empty space between the lines on the top and bottom lines just drawn.
6) Use a white eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

7) Create a gradient lip using a spring colored lip product.

Here is the finished product~
As you guys can probably tell, I'm not a huge blush person. Since my skin is pretty oily, my face makeup can tend to slip and slide. Having a pink blush slipping and sliding on my face would look so silly so I tend to stay away from blushes! I have naturally rosy cheeks (which more often than not get covered by my foundation) but nonetheless, I find blush unnecessary.  

I hope you guys liked this tutorial~ Maybe you'll use it in the future? >< At first, it was hard for me to get accustomed to the brown eyeshadow because I was so used to black eyeliner. But I do like how this look is softer and more romantic/girly.

Thanks for all of the views and support~ BTW I heard that Google Friend Connect isn't working well and isn't letting people follow others. If you want to follow me and my Google Friend connect isn't working, feel free to follow me on bloglovin' OR Google+! I'll make sure to follow back ^^

Until next time,

      -Payton <3

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