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안녕하세요 여러분. Hello everyone~

Today I have a rather serious and touchy subject that I want to share with you. I'm sure all of you have heard about the South Korean Ferry sinking on April 16. The ferry was filled with about 475 passengers. Many of them were high school aged teens on a field trip. 

Over 100 of the passengers were rescued. At least 29 lives were lost. More than 270 are still missing. I can't even begin to imagine how those passengers' parents are feeling right now. Many parents are feeling mixed emotions of grief, anger, and fear. 

Rescuers are still in the process of scoping out the ferry and trying to find out if there are more survivors within air pockets of the ferry.

My heart definitely goes out to all of those who were in the ferry accident. My heart goes out to the parents of those in the ferry accident, especially those whose children's lives were lost or whose children are still missing. 

Due to the ferry tragedy, many K-pop comebacks, music video postings, and new K-drama postings have been POSTPONED. So PLEASE do NOT complain about music videos being posted late or new k-drama episodes being delayed. Pay some respect. The Korean entertainment groups are trying to be respectful by not taking away people's attention from what has been happening with the ferry incident. Because, quite frankly, the lives of those involved in the ferry accident are WAY MORE IMPORTANT than k-pop comebacks and what not. I mean that whole heartedly and the kpop gods know how long I sat in front of the computer waiting for comebacks, not knowing that the ferry had sunk that day. Please be patient. 
These ignorant, ignorant people! They don't deserve to be called true fans and are the reason why exotics get looked down upon! 

I was enraged to see ignorant people complaining about their favorite group's comeback being delayed because of this tragic event. Really? I personally think it was very inconsiderate and insincere to even think thoughts like that. 

Nonetheless, the search for bodies, the survivors, and the missing still goes on. My heart definitely goes out everyone in Korea right now. 

학생들: 무사 귀환을 기원합니다.
부모님들: 많이 걱정 하지마세요. 힘내세요.

I just wanted to inform you guys about this is you haven't already heard. I want to raise awareness of this event because it is the reason why many comebacks are being postponed. They're being postponed for a good reason~


Until next time,

      -Payton <3

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