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8:55 PM

Hi guyssss~

Slightly old picture + sorry for being MIA!
Many many many apologies for falling off the face of the earth for a week! I'm sure you could have guessed has started up again -_- My 2 week spring break is over and ended so quickly!

If you have been wondering a bit about my whereabouts and doings, I shall fill you in!

1) I visited San Ramon~ 
KIWIN'S is the name of the club that I'm president of! It's a huge part of my life~

For those of you who don't know where San Ramon is, it's right below San Francisco! I was actually there for a  district convention for my club! It was my third year going and I had so much fun and made a bunch of friends <3 Anyone in KIWIN'S or Key Club? Holla at me in the comments if you are! I'm a president of the Emerald division fyi <3

2) Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley
Here's the cover of my book! I loved it~
This book is fantastic! I actually had to read it as an AP Lit assignment  but I ended up loving it! I know there are a bunch of cliche knock off movies about this book. But...the book is literally NOTHING like those sucky movies! Frankenstein is the last name of the man who created the monster lol The movies call the monster Frankenstein, but in the book, Frankenstein is the name of his creator! MIND BLOWING, right? lol The ending is super depressing, I won't say what happens doe~ This book is fantastic in my eyes. 

3) I have been recently fangirling over...NOMTOM KIM!
Tom is so cute it kills me <3 
Tom is literally the cutest thing ever. Seriously. He is. I swear. OMG, I totally fell in love with him after watching one of his covers! He's the most adorable being on earth and he's a kickass rapper! Check this amazing guy out! NOMTOM KIM is his youtube user! You won't regret it!!! BTW you MAY or may not die because of his adorableness.

So here were a few things off the top fo my head that have been occupying me over spring break! Now I'm back at school and will attempt to update and post as frequently as possible! 

Until next time,

       -Payton <3

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  1. Hello, I found myself on your cute blog! Seems like we like similar things Kpop and Make Up (korean brands) hehe, Hope we can follow each other!

    1. I'd love to follow you, Mari! Thanks so much for reading <3

      -Pay ^^


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