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Ulzzang Fashion: Flower Power! [Photo Heavy]

5:29 PM

Hey guys! Finally a new outfit post!
I appologize for the lack of outfit and makeup posts! They're pretty time consuming because of the time it takes to take pictures lol Well, this outfit was one that I actually wore on Easter! I think outfit is casual enough to wear anywhere, but still is girly and dressy because of the sky high wedges and the floral top!

Let's look at the individual pieces of the outfit!

This is the top I'm wearing. I got it from TJ MAXX~

This is the floral detail around the neckline.
This top has bell sleeves~ Very chic and old school!
This is the back of the top! It has a sheer, lace backing.
This is the flower detailing around the back neckline.
This is the see-through lace backing of the top! I wore a white spaghetti strap under this top!
These are my VERY short shorts from Forever 21! Do NOT wear these to school, you will get dress coded lol
This is the ripped design it has. These shorts also have plaid pockets that stick out.
The back of the shorts. As you can see, they have a sort of V-cut, so you may encounter cheek exposure lol
My sky high Guess wedges from DSW. I LOVE these and they make me so tall! lol
So that's pretty much it for this post! I'll try to post more outfit and makeup posts for you guys! And if you're wondering, my Monthly K-pop Upd8 will be postponed until AFTER EXO's Overdose is released, since it was originally going to be posted this month! I really wanted to include it in that Upd8!

Thanks for your understanding & viewing~

Until next time,

      -Pay <3

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  1. Oh my gosh that top is just the cutest! I love love love the colour and the daisies*-* Your style is so pretty and Ulzzang Payton, thanks for sharing your outfit! x

    1. Emily! You're the sweetest <3 Thank YOU for supporting and reading~

      xoxo Pay ^^

  2. The mint top is so pretty, i love it!
    Would you like to follow each other ^_^


    1. Hi Fifi~ Thanks so much for your comment!
      I'm actually already following you lol Thank you so much for following me back :)

      xoxo Pay <3

  3. Cute outfit! I like the mint top...love the lace details and design. I can never get sick of wearing lace pieces. <3


    1. Thanks so much for your comment~ I'm a big fan of your outfit posts lol Lace is so versatile, right? ^^

      Thanks for reading <3

      xoxo Pay~


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