K-pop: Monthly K-pop Upd8 of April+May (Photo Heavy)

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Hello my lovelies <3 

-was too lazy to take a new pic of myself lol this pic is from like last week ^^-
I've decided that no matter how much I'm hurting because us Exotics losing Kris, the K-pop world will keep on going on. There are so many new rookie groups coming out and it gives me hope :) This K-pop Upd8 is consisting of MV's from both the months of April and May! 

This post features INFINITE, EXO, Block B, and many more!!!!!

Lets get started!

1) 봄, 사랑,벚꽃 말고 (Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms)- 하이포, 아이유 (HIGH4 & IU)
Here's a pic with IU and HIGH4~
Here are the members of HIGH4~ Young Jun is my fave!
Some screen caps of the MV
When I heard my girl IU was gonna be featured in a rookie group's MV, I was so excited! I absolutely adore IU~ I love this song and thought the music video had a nice, fresh feeling to it. I love how this song isn't about being in love. It's sort of about being alone and bitter lol I love this song, it's meaning, and the mv. I also love the maknae ^^

2) Give Love- AKMU
They're too cute! 
I love how they're so close with eachother~
I adore AKMU whole heartedly! I love the older brother and how the younger sister is nice and curvy! Very unique as compared to the ridiculously skinny idols. I love this song and the music video. The English lyrics to this song are something that I identify really easily with. These two kiddies are comical and so lovable!

Here's an excerpt from the lyrics:
"The important thing is the heart
I’m not liking you just for your face (no no)
Even your sharp words that hate on me
I came to love them, this is my (heart)
Read more: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/akmu-give-love-lyrics-english-romanized.html#ixzz32alT7jjk 

3) 중독(Overdose)- EXO
All of the members including Kris~ 
Their dance moves are crazy!
My bias Sehun!!!!
How crazy is this move here?
Lulu <3

-takes a deep breath- It breaks my heart to talk about this amazingly amazing song now that Kris is gone >< But this song is undeniably perfect to me. The second I heard it, I absolutely loved it! I love the song and every single second of it! Honestly I have nothing bad to say about it. This has to be my most favorite song by EXO evar!!!

The dance is totally kick ass too lol It's insane how they like stand on each other! They're always so in sync!

4) 잭팟 (Jackpot)- 블락비 (Block B) 
LOL P.O. in the back lol
Zico must be so strong lol
LOL their faces doe
Kyung <3
This MV is sooooo silly! I love Block B and their crazy antics! I love the circus theme haha~ They all look like they're having so much fun! I love how the music video was so colorful and fun~ 

If you haven't checked out Block B, please do~ They usually have a fun feel to their songs!

5) Good Night Kiss- Hyo Seong
SO pretty <3
Overly sexualized :/ 
This makes me feel awkward...lol

Hyo Seong is my favorite member of Secret! She was also featured in BAP's Zelo's & Bang's Never Give Up MV! I think she's sooo pretty! 

I do really like this song, but to be completely honest, I think it's way too sexualized. I really don't like how directors/entertainment heads think that the only way to make a girl's MV popular is to have her wear minimal clothes and be awkwardly sexy. Sorry (not sorry) but I'm really not sold by this 'sexy' concept. I don't really like how they're exploiting Hyo Seong like that. I love her, though!

6) 예쁜 속옷 (Secret)- G.Na

G.NA! I really love her in this MV~ This music video is very colorful and girly! I love all of the pretty visuals in this music video. The feel of this song is so bubbly and upbeat. I love listening to this song when I'm getting ready for school hehe ^^

7) Last Romeo- INFINITE
Exploding library scene lol
My bias Myungsooooooo <3
INFINITE <3 My babies~ Seeing them in this music video made me stop and think "Wow...I saw these cuties live in concert." It's a really weird feeling! lol 

But I love the song, obviously! You know how INFINITE has a signature sound, right? Well right when this song started playing, I was like "OMG, this is SOOO Infinite!" This song totally was their signature style~ 

Honestly, the MV was pretty boring to me, other than the dancing. I found the girl pretty unnecessary, especially since nothing really happened with her lol I think the most interesting part was when the library books.

And okay...I thought the part when Woohyun and the girl were reaching their arms through the bookcases to reach each other was SO stupid lol Like, just walk around -_- I laughed alot, but what can you do about the stereotypical overtly dramatic K-pop MVs?

8) 너 아님 안돼(GOTTA BE YOU)- 2ne1

I must have this outfit!!!!

I honestly don't listen to 2ne1, because their music doesn't usually suit my tastes. But I did sort of like this song. I really liked the vibrant colors of this music video. This music video was very visually appealing!

And can I please say, I LOVE what CL is wearing. You know, the sweater with the creepy face on it! I must have it! lol

Well, I think that's it for my K-pop Upd8! These were the MV's that really stood out to me and the ones that I really liked! Sorry for the wait on this post <3

Do you listen to any of these artists? :)

Thanks for reading & until next time,

      xoxo Payton <3


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  1. I've always loved IU and I also love EXO's new song! Their dance is just crazy!
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    1. I love them both too~ I saw EXO live last KCon lol
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  2. Ive noticed the new kpop groups coming out too! thanks for visiting my blog, nice post!!!

    1. I'm super excited about the incoming rookies~
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  3. Infinite are my ultimate favouritest band ever~ and I agree with everything you said, the song is awesome but the video is pretty meh^^ Can I ask who is your favourite?

    I'm also really love Block B, and all their music is so cool and I love how easy going they are as a group^^ Thanks for sharing your opinions Payton(: x

    1. Omg I'm glad we both love them! Seeing them all in person, I got a feel for all of their true personalities. Myungsoo (aka L) is my bias in that group ^^

      Thank you for viewing & for all of your support, Emily!

      xoxo Payton

  4. I love block B! and Jackpot it's such a nice song! <3
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    1. I love Block B too ^^
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    1. I love Secret also~ Hyoseong is my fave ^^
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  6. I like 2NE1, they are so cute >.<


    1. I like them too~
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