K-pop: QUICK SHARE= [Teaser] BOYFRIEND (보이프렌드) OBSESSION (너란 여자)

10:10 PM

Hi lovelies <3 

I hope you don't mind the spam of K-pop posts! Summer means a plethora of K-pop comebacks now that fangirls actually have time to fangirl full-time! :D So many of my favorite groups are having comebacks!

As previously stated in my previous post here, BOYFRIEND is my absolute FAVORITE male K-pop group ever!!! And when they announced that they were coming back, I went insane!

If you have been a fan of BOYFRIEND for a while, you know that they usually have a cutesy, flower boy image (which I whole heartedly adore and love). They attempted to go onto a more mature and "bad boy" image (if you will) with IYAH, but reverted back to their cutesy image with On and On

I was in the middle of AP Bio class when I watched this MV teaser, and I freaked out. I have been dreading this moment after I got into BOYFRIEND. I KNEW they were going to attempt to try out an image like this.

When I first watched this MV teaser (and I've watched it over 20 times, by the way) I was automatically reminded of BTS's No Dream and BAP's Rain Sound

I adore BOYFRIEND and know they will make this new image work for them! BOYFRIEND is maturing as a group and I'm so proud of how far along they have come~ I think they'll find a way to rock this image (although I'll miss their flower boy image so much :(...)

Yay~ Make sure to check 'em out. I swear you'll die because of how adorable they were and how HOT they are now :D

Until next time,

     xoxo Pay <3

A preview of the upcoming and long awaited summer proof makeup tutorial :D

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  1. I will have to check them out! :)


    1. Oh~ Please do! They're so amazing <3
      Thanks for commenting <3

      xoxo Payton

  2. I haven't heard about this Kpop group before :D Thanks for sharing.


    1. Yeah, they're not as well known, but it doesn't make them any less of a group ^^
      No problem, thanks for viewing <3

      xoxo Pay <3


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