K-pop: Monthly K-pop Upd8 of June & My Summer Anthem [Photo/GIF Heavy]

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Hi guys <3 I hope you're enjoying summer, or as I like to call it, K-pop season! 

The day of my senior photo shoot! My hair was up in mini buns for heatless curls <3 I'll share the pics from my shoot ASAP!
As I think I've mentioned before, summer is the season where all of the best K-pop music videos/comebacks come out (in my opinion). There were SO many videos that I wanted to include in this month's  K-pop Monthly Upd8, but I could only choose 8 sadly. (Technically I talk about 9 though because how can I not talk about Boyfriend's TWO new MV's? hehe) 

Keep reading to find out my top 8 favorite MV's that have came out so far in this year's K-pop season & to find out what my official summer anthem is :D

1) 유키스의 끼부리지마 (UKISS's Quit Playing) (6.1.14)
Wow wow wow! Having a hard time controlling your hormones there? UKISS is back again! I think that this is UKISS's second comeback without Dongho :( I miss Dongho sooooo much </3 (FYI: Dongho was UKISS' maknae, but he left UKISS earlier in about 2013) BUT, this is UKISS' first MV with their NEW maknae named Jun! Jun is an adorable 97 liner rapper. AJ is not present in this MV because he is away studying.

This MV is very sexy, and has gotten mixed reactions toward it. Even Kevin made a statement appologizing to fans who found this MV disturbing and further explained how he and the members don't really get to decide what their new image will be. I think it's best to just be understanding & support UKISS either way. 

I actually liked this song & enjoyed Jun's parts! Although I'm missing Dongho like crazy, Jun is definitely wiggling his cute self into my heart <3 Check out gifs from the MV below & learn the members' names :)

I favor Kevin & the newbie Jun <3
Jun is not only a fellow 97 liner cutie, but he's also a very talented rapper <3
2) 비에이피의 어디니? 뭐하니? (BAP's Where are you? What are you doing?) (6.2.14)
OMG BAP's newest MV is driving me insane! I LOVE this MV <3 Although BAP gets criticized for their cutesy MV's like Stop It, I find their cutesy MV's very precious and I adore seeing this soft side of them! 

Although, when this MV came out, I was immediately reminded of Boyfriend's On and On. I seriously think that this MV resembles Boyfriend's MV hehehe And after Boyfriend came out with Obsession, oh boy, I freaked out. Then I came to a realization that...Boyfriend and BAP totally switched images in their latest MV's. BAP's Where are you? What are you doing? totally resembled Boyfriend's On and On. And Boyfriend's Obsession totally resembled BAP's Rain Sound.

OMG ARE YOU PEOPLE SEEING WHAT I'M SEEING???? This is crazy, I tell you. But a good kind of crazy. Check out pic/gifs of BAP's latest MV below!
Zelo is my bias in this group <3
These cuuuuuties lol

There's an open phone booth right next to Daehyun -_-
These weirdos! I love them~
Boyfriend's On and On status, I swear!
Okay forreal, this is like BAP's spin off of Boyfriend's On and On!
Omg -coffee shop-
My adorable bias Zelo <3
Zelo screencaps~
3) 보이프렌드의 너란 여자/알람 (BOYFRIEND's Obsession/Alarm) (6.4.14)/(6.10.14)
My, my, my, what have we here? Boyfriend's latest comeback that resembles BAP's Rain Sound in my opinion lol Honestly, I was shocked when this MV came out and I was hesitant that they wouldn't be able to pull off this image. Although, I think they handled this image pretty well. 

I'll just straight up say that this definitely was NOT my favorite comeback of Boyfriend's but it was alright and I do liek this song. It's just that it's really strange for me to see Boyfriend being and 'tough' and what not. I prefer their flowerboy image way more hehe But I'm glad that they're exploring their horizons and growing as artists. You gotta do what you gotta do. 

Check out pics/gifs of Boyfriend's latest comeback below!
Kwangmin is my ultimate male bias of all time~
Omg Donghyun is Captain Hook lol
Kwangmin's amazing hat doe~
Hyunseung's chocolate abs <3
dat sexy body roll, yes youngmin, yes!
-runs to airport, jumps on plane to Korea- I'M COMING TO YOU HYUNSEUNG!
My ultimate bias, Kwangmin <3

Okay, yeah, I'm cheating and talking about 2 Boyfriend MV's but they're my favorite boy group, so why not :) 

After freaking out about Boyfriend's sudden and alarming image shift (hehe get it? Alarming? Because this MV's name is Alarm? Yes? No? Okay...LOL) Boyfriend gave me ANOTHER heart attack by releasing ANOTHER MV a few days after releasing Obsession!!! Boyfriend, who rarely posted new MV's within the same year of each other, just posted 2 MV's within a few DAYS of each other! I was totally shocked, yet happy that Starship was promoting Boyfriend more :D

Anyway, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG OMG! This song was definitely my cup of tea and is definitely the type of song that I search/yearn for in the K-pop world. Also, the english lyrics really speak to me and made me tear up a bit. *Click CC to view the english lyrics* 

This image suits Boyfriend a million times better than the image in Obsession! I absolutely love this soft yet mature image on Boyfriend and I hope they work with it more!

Check out some screen caps/gifs of the MV below <3
Kwangie <3
You let out alla your frustration, Kwangmin bb!
4) 제국의아이들의 숨소리 (ZE:A's Breathe) (6.6.14)
ZE:A is back :D I have been playing this song on REPEAT! Although I feel that this MV has no substance and is rather generic, the amazingness of the song makes up for the lacking MV hehe

I think that ZE:A has definitely improved since their last MV. I think that their dancing got waaay better! Because, I'm not gonna lie, in their past MV's their dancing was not always...in sync. In other words, the many members of ZE:A were not on point when it came to dancing uniformly with each other. But I think they definitely came together and improved a lot! :D I'm very proud~

This MV had a sort of spacey feel that reminded me of Vixx's On and On. Check out some gifs of this MV below!
This one is my favorite <3
5) 탑독의 Top Dog (Topp Dogg's Top Dog) (6.8.14)
I LOVE Topp Dogg! And I also am totally in love with this song! BUT, I feel like all of their MV's are lacking. They have amazing songs, but their MV's are pretty generic and nothing is really happening.

I love the symphony like feel to this song & it's definitely what caught my eye~ Check out the MANY members & some pics below!
The red head Xero is my bias in this group <3
I ship it
JK Bi Joo belongs with Xero <3
Xeroooooo <3
6) 타히티의 오빠내꺼 (Tahiti's Oppa You're Mine) (6.11.14)
This is the first time that Tahiti is being featured on my blog and this is also the only featured girl group in this K-pop Monthly Upd8! 

I totally fell for the lyrics in this song and loved how persistent these girls are in trying to capture their oppa's heart <3 I can relate hehe Although this was sort of your usual cutesy k-pop girl group MV, I was totally in love with everything that they were wearing! I also loved the adorable dance! I SO need to learn this dance lol

Check out the members & some gifs below!

7) 갓세븐의 A (Got7's A) (6.23.14)
This song...IS...my OFFICIAL SUMMER ANTHEM! This song totally embodies the upbeat feeling that summer should have! This song makes we wanna drive with my friends with all of the windows down & just blast this song! Check out the adorable MV above!

I LOVE seeing this cute, flirty side of Got7! I loved the playful dance & the fun music video! This MV made me fangirl, giggle, and swoon over these 7 cuties and totally left me singing A~~~

Check out some amazing gifs & the members below!
Mark is my bias <3
Hey baby, how you doin'?
Now kiss <3
8) 헤일로 체온이 뜨거워 (HALO's Fever) (6.25.14)
New group of cuties alert! These adorable boys form the new group called Halo! That name totally suits them because they're like angels <3 They should've tried that angel image, it would've made so much sense with their group name being Halo lol

What drew me to this group was that their song and MV for Fever totally had that old school k-pop feel to it. The not-as-fancy quality of this music video resembles that of old school k-pop videos lol

I love how there's alot of b-boy like footwork in their dance! This song is cute & bubbly and I think that this song is also an amazing summer song to be set on replay :) 

I totally adore this 'blast to the past' feel that Halo has! Check out the members below!
I haven't really picked a bias yet. I think it might be Yoon Dong hehe
ANYWAYS, thanks so much for reading to the end of this suuuuuuuuper long & gif/picture heavy post! This post was so long and I got exhausted finishing it lol But I love surrounding myself with K-pop <3 Especially during K-pop season~

What was your favorite MV out of the 9 music videos mentioned in this post? And let me know what your summer anthem is for this year :D Like I said, mine is definitely Got7's A!

Love you guys so much & until next time,

     xoxo Payton <3

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