Life~: Officially on Summer Break, Into My Personal Life, Over 3,000 Views [Photo Heavy]

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Hi guys~

This was taken yesterday hehe~
Junior year is finally over!!! This year was ridiculously stressful and for the most part I hated it lol But along the way, I met/had gotten closer to some amazing people who I know I'll never forget. Although the road was very bumpy this year, it was very rewarding. 

This is a bonus picture of what I look like on a normal school day~ I don't wear ulzzang makeup at school lol
It's funny, because throughout this whole year, I never had time to really go out with my friends because (as AP students) we were always busy studying. But after the exams we were all like "Oh my gosh, we ACTUALLY have time to do stuff other than studying!" LOL So recently I've been going out a lot with a bunch of my friends~
hehe me & some friends! 
A Starbucks date w/ my girls~ Mine is the one in the middle! It's an Iced Macha Green Tea Latte!
Froyo date with my friends! Mine is the top right! I got Coconut/mango+Ube froyo w/ strawberries & nata de coco cubes on top!
On another note, I was always the type of person who hated social networks. No. No. No. I didn't really have any. I was forced to make a Facebook to keep the members of my club updated. I didn't have a Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or anything like that. But having a blog encouraged me to want to make more social networks, so I'd be able to connect with my followers/views in as many ways as possible~

So, I recently made a Twitter! Surprise! I was totally sold when all of the members of BOYFRIEND (my fave) made Twitters~ I'm dedicating my Twitter to my blog & of course, tweeting and retweeting about what's happening in the K-pop world! Follow me at @iheartkpwp I'd be more than happy to follow you back! Anything for my lovely followers <3
A screen shot of the KPWP Twitter page!
Also, regarding my blog, I have surpassed 3,000 views! I know, a lot of you popular bloggers must be laughing at me for being so proud of such a small accomplishment. But I am so thankful to be where I am now lol It makes me smile knowing that someone, somewhere out in the world actually reads my growing blog. 
View count as of June 6, 2014 :D
I put so much time & effort into maintaining and growing KPWP. I run this blog completely on my own, so that means I make my own banners, I format it on my own, & I do all of the coding/ect for it. It was tough starting out (being totally technologically challenged lol) but I've learned so much more and am starting to get used to this whole blogger thing~

Every blogger starts out with zero followers and zero views. Around 5 months after creating KPWP, I am already at over 3,000 views. I'm so very thankful for my views & followers. Your support, comments, and views make my day and make me smile <3 

I'm looking forward to having so much more time to blog now that I'm on Summer break and I'm also looking forward to increase my number of followers & viewers! KPWP is still a baby blog, but it will grow in time :)

Once again, thank you to my followers & viewers <3 I wouldn't be where I am now without you hehe~ And if you find my blog interesting, it would mean the world to me if you followed! I always follow back those who follow me, because I feel so grateful to each and every one of my followers~ I genuinely do visit your guys' blogs & try to leave comments as often as I can!
A written note from me to you <3 Excuse my handwriting lol

Until next time,

          xoxo Payton <3

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  1. congrats! enjoy summer! I can relate to how fulfilling it is to reach a certain milestone in blogging. I too had to learn everything and do everything on my own when I was starting out <3

    1. Thanks so much for commenting frequently & supporting! I look up to you as a blogger & hope that KPWP can be as popular as Pinkoolaid someday <3

      xoxo Payton ^^


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