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Ulzzang Makeup: SKIN FOOD Rice Mask Review

11:08 AM

Hello my lovely dumplings <3

SKIN FOOD's Rice Mask ><
Today I have a review of the SKIN FOOD Rice Mask! I know this isn't makeup, but it is apart of Korean skincare (so that's why it's in the Ulzzang makeup tab).

I've had this product for a while now, and have just decided to review it! Let's get started!

This face mask has a very creamy and liquidy texture. It almost feels like a watery lotion, so I feel like this'd be perfect for those with dry skin! There are also little rice granules in it, to aid in exfoliation. The rice granules feel like very fine grains of sand lol It actually feels very nice on the skin.

This product has some sort of perfume-like scent to it. The scent isn't really sickening, but if you're sensitive to products with perfume-like scents, you should check this product out in person (if you're able to) before you buy it :)

How to use it
Directions on the product claim that you should gently massage the rice mask over a dry, clean face and then rinse off.

Professional demo + tips! (Click this picture to enlarge it & zoom~)
Now here are some pictures of the product in 'real life' taken by me (ie: NOT glamorized by filters/awesome lighting lol)
The un-massaged product on my wrist; You can see the little rice granules!
The massaged product on my wrist; You can see the rice granules begin to exfoliate!
Final Verdict
I did like this product, but I did not like it as much as SKIN FOOD's Black Sugar Mask (which I'll be posting a review of soon). My skin did feel moisturized after using it. I definitely recommend this product to those who have dry skin! I think this would be the perfect winter product.

I don't think it exfoliated as well as SKIN FOOD's Black Sugar Mask though. I think this is an okay product for me (who has very oily skin) but I think people with dry skin would love it. As for brightening, I think it brightened my skin a bit, but I think you should continuously use the product to achieve long term results <3

I'd give this product a 3.5 out of 5. 

I wasn't entirely impressed by this specific product, but I do whole heartedly love my other SKIN FOOD products~ More reviews to come!

Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

    xoxo Payton <3

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  2. so I followed u on Twitter and Tumblr instead, wee!

    1. I heard a lot of others are having trouble with the GFC button, I'm not sure what to do lol Thank you so much for trying though & thank you for following on Twitter & Tumblr! You're too sweet <3

      xoxo Payton <3

  3. I thought it's a brightening mask unlike the black sugar one. Btw nice review dear :)


    1. Yes, the light exfoliation is supposed to help brighten up the skin! Which it slightly did hehe Thanks for reading <3

      xoxo Payton~


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