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Hiiiiii, my K-partiers <3

YES, I am bringing back the chart, okay???? lol
I know, I know. This post is not what you think it is. I'm not here to talk about how realistic it is that the rich hot guy always falls for the poor girl or how realistic it is when girls cross dress as boys and ALWAYS get away with it even though they're obviously girls LOL That shall be another post in the future maybe lol

I'm actually here to talk about the bigger picture. The part that always breaks my heart into a billion pieces. The part that has happened in 99.9% of the K-dramas that I have watched. The part when the girl ALWAYS ends up with the jerk & friend zones the sweet, charming second lead male (who has been there to support her from the very beginning).
I KNOW! /heart shatters into a million pieces/ Ji Hoo </3
I've actually touched on this topic a lot in an older post which you can find HERE, but today I'm connecting this topic to my personal life.

You know what's crazy though? Whenever I would watch those generic (aren't they all?) Korean dramas (where the sweet second lead male gets friend zoned because the girl would rather be with the jerk face) I would always say to myself "That's so not realistic at all! You know, if I were the girl, I'd totally pick the nice guy over the jerk!". 

But what do you know? Life is seriously ironic.
Eun Gyeol will always have a special place in my heart <3
For about two years now, I had been chasing after this jerk-face guy relentlessly and blindly. I don't know why I tried so hard and put in so much effort when I knew he didn't like me back. I don't know why I liked him so much even though he was just messing with my head. Now, I am so embarrassed that I even tried that hard for him and that sometimes I give him second thoughts. 

All along that struggle to get Mr. Jerk Face to accept my blind & innocent heart, I had unknowingly "friend zoned" a few lovely guy friends. *Or rather, I made it obvious to them that I was crushing on someone else* I never really noticed because I was so focused and blinded by that jerk. 
It had gotten to the point where one of my beloved guy friends said "You know, I've been thinking and I just don't get it. Why -insert name of the jerk face here-???" 

I was so shocked when he asked me that. I was mainly shocked because...I didn't know. I didn't know why I liked that jerk face. I just did.

But then, it hit me. I was like all of those lead females in the generic Korean dramas. Here I was, "friend zoning" completely wonderful guys over this one jerk who treated me like nothing as I had just been criticizing how girls in K-dramas did the exact same thing. 

Oh my god, I thought, I've turned into one of them.  
Nooooooooo Shin Woo :( I have disappointed you!
To make things even more ironic, I've "friend zoned" those guys over a guy who won't even give me the time of day and who's a jerk face LOL
DISCLAIMER: I just want to emphasize the fact that I do NOT in any way regret "friend zoning" my lovely guy friends who ended up crushing on me. I only saw them as friends back then when I "friend zoned" them & still currently only see them as friends. I just don't like them as more than friends and I can't change how my heart feels lol. It's not like we've totally lost contact and never speak to each other, we actually are closer than ever :)

Just how realistic are Korean dramas exactly??? Very realistic, considering my real life situations LOL

So, I guess the point of this blog entry was to give you a slice of my life and to show you that not all of the pieces of my life are going to be sweet (laaaaaaame >~< LOL) 

I want you guys to learn to be grateful for what you have and realize what's right in front of you. And don't be chasing guys who are jerk faces LOL Lesson learned, Payton, lesson learned.

Thanks so much for sharing this slice of life with me!

Until next time,

     xoxo Payton <3



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  1. You wrote about mutual membership, I subscribed to your blog:з


    1. I just subscribed to your blog also <3

      xoxo Payton

  2. Usually I like the second male lead a lot more than the main and I always get sad when they basically got nothing, lol. Loving the HongKi's gif xD

    ieyra | babysoulz

    1. Finally, someone who understands me! LOL I always end up loving the second lead male more than the first lead male lol
      Thanks for reading <3

      xoxo Payton

  3. Hey! I randomly came across your blog and I’d like to say that you have great fashion, beautiful photos and interesting posts! Your blog is very impressive! Everything is awesome!

    would you like to follow each other?


    1. Thank you so much~ You're too sweet!
      I would love it if we could follow each other!

      xoxo Payton <3

  4. How true is this! Not just Korean dramas but all over the world it's always the same storyline, the jerk gets the girl in the end and the "nice" guy finishes last. I've probably been guilty of doing the same thing myself. I think it's worry that you may possibly ruin such a good friendship with him that you don't want to take that plunge, or refuse to see it as more anyway!


  5. I know, right! It makes me so sad but I guess it does really happen alot in real life.
    I still hold a healthy friendship with all of my guy friends, so no worries <3

    xoxo Payton

  6. hahha i agree, this happens to me too. but OMG i am so inlove with Shinwoo in you're beautiful! and the other second leads <3


    1. I know <3 You're Beautiful was my first k-drama and I fell in love with it~
      Thanks so much for reading ^^

      xoxo Payton

  7. Haha I thinked the same when I watched "You're beautiful" and "To the beautiful you"!! Well... No problem, if the girl don't want them... Well Jeremy, Eun Gyeul, I'm here and I love you xDDD

    1. I totally agree!
      Thanks for reading, mimie <3

      xoxo Payton


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