Life~: A Review of Make Out Monday's First Concert + Meeting Jeremy Shada

10:59 AM

Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy goshhhhhhh, guys! I just had the time of my life last night!

So just incase you're not aware, Jeremy Shada is the voice of Finn from the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time. That is like my favorite show ever, btw lol 
I loooooooove Finn <3
Recently (last Monday), Jeremy Shada debuted in a 5 member band called Make Out Monday! 
Logan, John, Zack, Jeremy, & Seth are the members of Make Out Monday!
They're all so multitalented and handsome lol
These are literally the sweetest & funniest guys you'll ever meet. They have such an amazing stage presence. 
Since Jeremy Shada was already in San Diego for San Diego's annual Comic Convention, he & the members of Make Out Monday planned to have their first ever concert at the House Of Blues which was near where the Comic Con was being held! And I was one of the few people who were able to attend the concert.

My sister, my mom, and I arrived to the concert venue about 3 hours early before the doors to the concert would open. We were literally the first people there lol 

A little while after we arrived, I saw this very handsome boy wearing sun glasses walk past me as I thought "Wow, that guy looks like Jeremy Shada." All of a sudden, my sister was like "I think that's Jeremy Shada!" He had already walked past us at that point, and we called out to him. 

To my surprise, Jeremy actually came back up to us and asked us how we were, gave us high fives, took a picture with us, & asked us if we were staying for the show. After that quick exchange, he said he'd see us later on & headed back into the concert venue.
My sister & I were SO ecstatic! We could NOT believe we actually met Jeremy Shada!

After spending a good hour/hour and a half on fangirling over that encounter, Jeremy Shada's Brother named Zack (who is also in Make Out Monday) and a group of girls approached my sister and I. One of the girls said "I have some shirts for you guys!" And with that said, she gave me, my mom, and my sister free Make Out Monday band tees!!!
This is the shirt that was given to me by the group of girls with Zack. I put it on right after they gave it to me <3
My sister and I could not believe our luck! We got to meet Jeremy Shada, talk to him & take a picture with him, AND we got free band tee shirts from his brother! At that point, I didn't think life could get any better.

Time goes on, and eventually more people turn up in line for Make Out Monday. My sister, my mom, and I were literally the only people in line for like 2 hours. By 6:30 pm, the doors to the concert venue had opened and I was the first one inside after frantically running down a huge flight of stairs (in 5 inch wedges thankyouverymuch) that led down to the little concert venue.

The concert venue was very small and chill, already filled with some of Jeremy's close friends and family members who stood around and chatted amongst themselves. There was a little bar, a few high tables with bar stools & a handful of love seats & cushioned chairs. There was also a mini stage not more than a foot off the ground, where the members of Make Out Monday would perform. 

Upon walking into the venue, I was immediately greeted by Zack (Jeremy's older brother who was with the group of girls who had given me a band tee a few hours earlier). I couldn't believe that Zack & Jeremy were both so sweet and friendly towards me lol I felt super comfortable and almost like we were casual friends LOL

When my sister and mother finally came in after me, we were approached by this man who looked oddly familiar. He was friendly and greeted us, as we were the first 3 non-friends/family members of the band to arrive. He chatted with us about how tickets for this concert were hard to come by, as they only released a few to the public. We chatted for a while, and I just assumed he was like Make Out Monday's manager or something, because he hadn't introduced himself when he approached us. It turns out that he was Jeremy's and Zack's FATHER! I had met Jeremy's Dad! OMG lol

The concert started around 7:15, and it was great. They performed not-yet-released songs such as Sirens & Tall As Heaven. I think that Sirens will be my favorite song of theirs <3 They also did an amazing cover of Talk Dirty To Me, with a rock/punk flare to it! They closed the concert with their debut song called "Hope Less Romantics". I loved it all and couldn't believe that they were that close.
After the concert, people swarmed Jeremy asking for pictures and what not. After snapping a few pictures, Jeremy escaped to the hall way from which I had entered earlier & I (along with my mom and sister) were heading that way also. When we got into the hallway, Jeremy was there and he turned back around and began walking toward us.

When we walked up to him, he gave me a hug! He then asked me "Oh, did you buy that shirt?" (After Zack gave me the free Make Out Monday shirt, I had immediately changed into it). I then told him that they were given to us. We took a second picture & we sent him on his way.
This is the SECOND picture I got to take with Jeremy! He's too sweet~
Honestly, that night was surreal. I remember that Comic Con about 2-3 years ago when Jeremy was coming to Comic Con to do an Adventure Time panel. I waited in line for that panel for like 2-3 hours, but it turned out that the panel was filled to the maximum capacity and I couldn't see him. I literally cried and was so upset that I didn't see him and I vowed that I WOULD meet him someday. And that day was yesterday. And I'll never forget it.

I would no doubt give this concert a 10/10! I would give the members of Make Out Monday an 11/10 for being literally the sweetest celebrities I have ever met in my whole entire life.

I strongly recommend that you guys check out their music and support them! They are so sweet and really care about their fans! You can check them out here at!

Let me know if you guys are fans of Adventure Time or Make Out Monday!

Thanks for reading & until next time,

        xoxo Payton

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  1. wow this is like a fairytale story! even family met LOL

    1. I KNOW LOL I was like "OMG, I met my future father-in-law and I didn't even know it until after the show" LOL just kidding~
      Thanks so much for reading <3

      xoxo Payton

  2. oh my gosh!! You're so lucky!! <3 Jeremy is super cute x3 It's cool you even met his dad as well xD I hope you get to meet him again one day!! :D

    Love, Aimee
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    1. haha I couldn't believe my luck that day! One good thing after another kept happening lol And yes, Jeremy is a total cutie, as well as Seth, Zach, John, & Logan <3
      I hope I'll get to run into him again, also!
      Thanks for reading <3

      xoxo Payton

  3. Wow what an awesome night you had. I've never met anyone famous from a band, let alone their family members or more than once! Never been that lucky.


    1. It really was the best night of my life up to date! I couldn't figure out what in the world I had done to deserve to have all of this good stuff happen to me lol
      Thanks so much for reading <3

      xoxo Payton

  4. That's ADORABLE. Sounds like a total fantasy. He must've really adored you! :)

    1. Aww, you're too sweet! I, no doubt, absolutely adore Jeremy (along with Zack, Logan, John, and Seth <3)
      Thanks so much for reading <3

      xoxo Payton


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