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Ulzzang Fashion: Outfit of the Day *Old School Blues* [Photo Heavy]

10:09 AM

My lovelies <3 How're you guys doing???
It's alright to show a bit of skin during the summer as long as you're modest about it! :)
I seriously want to apologize for the lack of fashion posts! I'll try to do more before going back to school! These posts can be time consuming but they seem to be everyone's favorite type of post so here you are! :D 

Let's check out the pieces I'm wearing & find out where I bought them! 

For this outfit, I am wearing a fitted lacy blue crop top from Hollister. I love how comfy this top is~ I also am wearing it a bit off the shoulders for style! 
I'm wearing this in a size small! It's fitted but suuuuupper stretchy  :D
There's a built-in undershirt that compliments the shirt perfectly & ensures you're not showing off your bra lol 
Here's the pretty flowery lace detail through out the shirt. It's on the back of the shirt also!
The shorts I am wearing are from Forever 21! My favorite part about these shorts are how they are super high waisted & how they fold over so nicely. The fold over look to these shorts make them look pretty old school & vintage-y. I love them! High waisted shorts are suuuper popular amongst girls inspired by Ulzzang fashion & Style Nanda!
I'm in love with these shorts! I'm wearing these in a size 26 because it was the smallest  size they had :( I wanted a size 25 but the 26 fits alright yet slightly loose lol 
Here's a close up of the button detailing. There are a total of  7 buttons!!!
Here's a view of the backside of the shorts! There are no back pockets lol
Just in case you were curious, this is what the  shorts would look like if you didn't fold them over! I wouldn't wear them like this though, because you wouldn't be able to see the 2 top buttons.
Lastly I am wearing these awesome wedges from Guess! Their chocolate brown color & corkscrew wedge detailing make them look really casual and beachy~ I also really like how they're strappy. They have a zipper in the back btw!
These are my wedges I'm wearing :) I'm wearing them in a size 5.5! I usually wear a size 6 to 6.5 but I guess these ran a bit big.
On a side note, I just wanna say that you don't need to be stick thin to rock Ulzzang fashion or any type of fashion for that matter. You don't need to weigh 45 kg to qualify to be an Ulzzang. Personally, I think confidence is all you need. Yeah, I'm petite in height but I know I'm not stick thin and I'm proud of it! If you wanna rock Ulzzang inspired fashion or any other type of fashion, do it! No one's stopping you :)
Here's a side view of my outfit <3 excuse the streaky-just-cleaned mirror!
My backpack is photo bombing lol
Well that's pretty much it for this outfit post. I feel like crop tops + high waisted shorts aren't only popular with Ulzzangs but also girls all across the USA right now! I hope you guys enjoyed this post <3

Until next time,

      xoxo Pay <3
I've been wearing this look lately! See a tutorial HERE

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