K-pop: K-pop Monthly Upd8 of July! [Photo/GIF Heavy]

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Hello, hello k-partiers! Welcome back to my blog <3

I hope you all are enjoying Summer, the season of the best K-pop comebacks/Mv's! I swear, all of my favorite MV's always come out in the summer!

Btw, I'm so sorry this post is a little over due by a few days! Senior year just started and it's already driving me crazy!

(SIDE NOTE: If you haven't already checked out my post on meeting Jeremy Shada + my review of Make Out Monday's 1st concert, check it out HERE!!! )

Anyway, keep reading to find out which 8 music videos from the k-pop industry have stood out to me the most this month!

1) Red Light by f(x)

So if you've been on this blog long enough, you already know that I am totally f(x) biased and totally in love with Amber LOL But although I love these girls to death, that doesn't change my initial shock upon first watching this music video.

For those of you who are into k-pop and are aware of f(x)'s usual "out-of-the-box" and weirdly quirky style, you KNOW that this sexy image is NOT typically the image f(x) goes for. I had a heart attack when I saw Amber in those shorts lol Amber is usually decked out in men's wear (let's be honest here LOL)

Upon my first watching of this MV, I honestly wasn't feeling the song & MV. I thought the song was really choppy and it SORT of reminded me of a less choppy version of SNSD's I Got A Boy. And the music video...just was not f(x)'s usual image, it was sort of weird to see them in a MV like that. 

But after re-watching it a few more times & listening to Red Light more, it eventually grew on me. Make sure you check out their full album, because there are some AMAZING songs on there! Paper Heart and Dracula are my 2 favorite songs from their newest album!

Check out the members & some gifs of the MV below!
Amber is my favorite <3
2) Solo Day by B1A4
Do I have any Banas out there??? B1A4 is back!

I've featured B1A4 on my blog before with my post on their MV for Lonely (which you can check out HERE!) I was impressed by their previous MV and I of course fell in love with this MV too!

I absolutely adored the summery feel to this music video~ I also love how each of the members of B1A4 played adorable and quirky characters. I think that Gong Chan's character was my favorite lol

I have nothing negative to say about this song or music video, just that you NEED to check it out~

I love the whole alien twist on it hehe

Check out the members & some gifs/pics below!
this is my favorite scene lol
3) Back by Infinite
Whenever Infinite posts a new MV, I always smile and think about how I saw these awesome being in concert!

I really loved this song, it had that signature Infinite flare to it! But...I couldn't stand the music video :/ I HATE it when my idols are in music videos where they get beat up :( Every time one of the members got hit/kicked/hurt in some way, I would cringe and look away from the screen LOL

Plus, that girl in the MV looked like she was like 12 LOL 

I think my only complaint was how everyone was getting beat up, but other than that this song is great! I don't think it has a summer feel, but it's still good nonetheless.

Check out the members & some gifs below!
L (aka Myungsoo) is my favorite <3
4) Darling by Girl's Day
Girl's day is back with an adorably summery music video~ 

I love how colorful this music video is! I felt like this song had a very dance-y, disney-like feel to it. 

I have to say, that I really think that Girl's Day is way better off with a cutesy image. I feel like the sexy image in the k-pop world is getting way too generic.

Check out the members & some pics/gifs below!
Minah is my favorite member <3

5) Good Bye Bye by Nu'est
I don't think I'll ever like any of Nu'est's songs more than I liked Hello, but I did think this song was okay. 

Truthfully, I wasn't totally blown away by this song/music video. I thought this song was alright but I wasn't thoroughly impressed. 

I was, however, surprised to get to see a little snippet of Ren shirtless though LOL I liked how the music video was sort of artsy, but I still wasn't very impressed. I feel like it was slightly generic. I don't think it was as 'out there' as Sleep Talking.

Check out the members & some pics below!
Ren is my favorite <3
So pretty <3
this is my favorite scene!

6) Red by Hyuna
How could I have left this music video out? I knew I had to give you guys my input on Hyuna's new music video!

Now, we all are aware that Hyuna usually gets a bad rap for being "overtly sexual and/or inappropriate". Honestly, I sort of agree with that, but Hyuna isn't the one who decides on her image. It is her management/the MV director who decides.

I'm not gonna lie, and say that this was not my favorite MV of hers. I liked Bubble Pop way more. I also wasn't really feeling the dance, because it reminds me of the ridiculous dances popular here in the USA :/ The reason why I listen to k-pop is to get away from the generic mainstream music that teens listen to in America LOL

I also felt like the MV was pretty random with the large banana and the monkey and what not, but what can you do? lol

I love Hyuna and think she's so pretty, but I wish her management would show off her sweet, down to earth side.

Check out some pics below!
I feel like this shows the real side of Hyuna
7) Touch My Body by Sistar
I love love loved this song and music video! I think this has to be my favorite song by Sistar up to date! 

I love the summery feel to this MV and how colorful it is! I adore the girls' outfits and how they look like they're having so much fun~ I felt liek this music video had just the right balance of sweet and sexy. I didn't feel uncomfortable while watching this music video at all :)

Sistar never fails to impress me! 

Check out the members and some gifs below!
Hyolyn and Bora are my favorites in this group!
Honestly, I hate this dance move :/ It reminds me of a dog lifting up its leg to pee LOL I'M SORRY BUT SOMEONE NEEDED TO SAY IT

8) Her by Block B
Last by certainly not least, Block B!

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love seeing the quirky side of Block B instead of their serious "bad ass" side lol

One thing that I absolutely loved about this MV was how colorful the set and outfits were! That's what I love to see, color! And I also loved how the Mv showed off the dorky side of all of the Block B members!

Check out the members below~
Zico & Kyung are my favorites in this group!
Well, that's pretty much it for my k-pop favorites this July! I'm anticipating what MV's will be in August's K-pop Monthly Upd8 because August is my birthday month~ (I'm turning 17 on August 15!)

I hope I was able to share some awesome new MV's with you if you weren't already aware of them~

Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

              xoxo Payton <3
And if you feel like taking a break from k-pop, do me a favor and check out Make Out Monday! They're the sweetest guys on earth and make AMAZING music! Also, if you haven't already, check out my post about them HERE <3

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    recently i've been loving Girls Day - Loving You. it's from their recent album ^^

    ieyra h | babysoulz

    1. I know~ Infinite is so sweet! They were amazing in concert <3
      Thanks for reading ^^

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  2. Block-B are just awesome! And Hyuna is soooo perfect!
    Already following you.
    Thank for the follow ♥

    1. haha I agree <3
      Thanks for following, Andrea <3

      xoxo Payton

  3. Sistar and f(x) are my favorite!~
    I even tried doing make up like Krystal from Red Light haha :D

    http://moreulzzlang.blogspot.ru/ <3

    1. I adore them also <3 I'm glad I was able to include some of your favorites :)
      Thanks for reading, my dear!

      xoxo Payton

  4. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster award :) http://pret-tea.blogspot.ca/2014/08/ive-been-nominated-for-liebster-award.html

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    1. You are so amazing, Suzy! Thank you so much <3

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