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Hiiiiii guysssss~ Welcome back to KPWP <3
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Today's Fangirl Diary will focus on a guide for concert going fangirls. I have been to so many concerts and have been going to at least 2 concerts a year for a while lol Having had my share of concert experiences (both k-pop and non k-pop) I wanted to share my tips and tricks with you guys <3

Keep reading to find out my tips & tricks for attending concerts!

My Tips & Tricks for Having the Best Concert Experience

1) Buy your tickets ASAP!!!

This is a pic of my ticket for INFINITE's 1st World Tour Concert in LA! 
If you want to be able to see your idol on stage /up close & personal/ you NEED to buy your concert tickets as soon as possible. Especially if you want a specific spot in the concert seating venue (i.e.: the first row), you must buy your tickets the day they go on sale!

Whenever ticket sales for a concert I want to go to roll around, I make sure to buy my tickets literally the minute they go on sale! For example, when tickets for the INFINITE One Great Step World Tour Concert tickets went on sale, I bought them the second they went on sale...and I got 3RD ROW TICKETS :D 

2) Arrive to the concert venue EARLY (especially if it's General Admission!!!)

Here's a pic of me outside the concert venue! I showed up like 6 hours early, as you can see :D
Honestly, do yourself a favor and arrive at the concert venue early. If the concert you are going to is General Admission or if you have Pit tickets, you NEED to show up early to ensure you'll get a good spot to see during the concert. If you're a shortie and you have GA/Pit tickets, get in line SUPER early to ensure you'll actually be able to witness the concert LOL

Also, arriving early is important because
  1. You'll most likely get first pick of merchandise
  2. You get 'street cred' and praise from fans who line up after you LOL
  3. You just MIGHT be able to run into your idols performing in the concert if you come early enough! (SIDE NOTE: When I arrived 4 hours early to Make Out Monday's concert, I got to meet Jeremy Shada~)

3) Dress to impress

If you own a band tee for the performers you're seeing in concert, wear it!!!
This is obvious, right? Who WOULDN'T wanna look their best in the presence of their idols??? Whenever I go to a concert, I like to plan out my outfit at least a month in advance LOL I'm dead serious!

You want to make sure you look you best to show that you do care about this band/group performing enough to NOT wear sweat pants/leggings to their concert. I'm not saying you should show up in formal wear (unless you're going to some fancy symphony performance) but dress according to style of who you are going to see in concert.

For example, when I went out to see Make Out Monday's amazing first concert, I tried to dress a bit punk-casual if that makes sense. So, I wore a Make Out Monday band tee (graciously given to me by friends of M.O.M.), high waisted pleather black shorts, & some houndstooth platform wedges. On the other hand, for INFINITE's concert, I wore a k-pop/ulzzang inspired outfit. Basically, dress according to the theme/style of the concert performers! 

4) Make & bring FAN SIGNS!!!

Fan signs for the win <3 
Okay, this trick is SUUUUPER IMPORTANT! I feel like fan signs are my secret weapon, because I always get noticed because of them! 

I totally recommend that you buy a bunch of colorful construction paper & large poster paper to make your own fan signs!!! I think you should also check to see whether or not the concert venue you are going to will actually allow the fan signs before you make them, though! If you make fan signs and bring them to a concert venue that does not allow fan signs, they WILL be confiscated from you. 

I tend to make fan signs regardless of whether or not the concert venue I'm going to allows fan signs. I feel like making fan signs shows how much you sincerely care about the performers you're seeing in concert :) It makes you look like a really dedicated & caring fan, which you are, since you actually took time out of your day to make a fan sign~
This one reads "I love you, Myungsoo Oppa" I HAND MADE THIS MYSELF.
It usually takes me a span of about a few days to make a fan sign, depending on how big it is and what language it is in (I typically make fan signs in Korean & occasionally in English if I go to a non k-pop concert). I can make a little tutorial of how to make a good fan sign later if you want! Feel free to request that post if you want it <3
This one reads "INFINITE Fighting". I HAND MADE THIS MYSELF.
For the record, I always get recognition for my fan signs, whether it be from fellow fangirls, bystanders, security/personnel of the concert venue, & the performers themselves <3 Long story short, MAKE A FAN SIGN because you just might get noticed <3

5) Be calm, cool, & collected~

Okay, I can't stress this enough because I have seen so many fangirls embarrass themselves in front of the very idols whom they want to impress & make fall in love with them LOL If you ever get lucky enough to meet your idol in person, try your best to remain calm and not spazz out. Remember, celebrities are people and of the human species also LOL 

I won't lie, when I met Jeremy in person for the first time (for example) I was totally star struck. When he put his hand up for a high five, I swear I paused for a good 5 seconds just trying to wrap my head around the situation and realize that this was actually happening LOL I overcame my star struck-ness (if you will) and was able to communicate with him as normally as possible (or so I hope LOL)

Just try your best to refrain from shrieking in your idols' faces and hyperventilating till you get light headed and pass out at their feet lol And don't be asking them for locks of their hair, that's just creepy...haha~ 

What I Recommend to Bring to the Concert

  • Phone
  • Camera (that can record as well as obviously take pictures lol)
  • Money
  • Sharpie & paper 
  • Fan sign (if permitted into the concert venue)
  • Your makeup bag (just in case you need a touch up)
  • Ipod (memorize all of the lyrics to the songs while you wait in line~)
  • A friend :D (It's more fun to go to a concert with a buddy~)
So that pretty much sums up my guide for concert going fangirls (and fanboys~) I hope you guys find this guide helpful if you're going to a concert soon!

Let me know if you guys have had any good concert experiences in the comments below! I'd love to hear about it :)

Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

        xoxo Payton 

*I apologize, but I have disabled anonymous comments for the time being because I have been receiving too many spam comments! Thank you for your understanding!*

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