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Hello hello k-partiers~ Any Best Friends (aka BOYFRIEND FANS) out there?

FINALLY something good has happened to the k-pop world today <3
I am super duper excited to announce that my favorite male k-pop group, BOYFRIEND, has just came back this morning with their new music video, Witch!

I was anticipating this so much because 1) I LOVE BOYFRIEND and 2) I adore Halloween themed comebacks! 

This music video came out just in time for the Autumn-y, Halloween-y season~ This music video makes me wanna be a vampire or something for Halloween lol

There are sooooo many things I wanna say about this music video, so let's jump right into the review!

The Concept

Okay, so my viewers who've been there from the start know that I absolutely adore Halloween like concepts. I typically really only get that strong Halloween vibe from Vixx. But when I saw BOYFRIEND's teasers for Witch, I lost it. 

I was SO excited to see that BOYFRIEND was exploring different concept possibilities. I personally feel like the amazing members of BOYFRIEND pulled off the dark Halloween image/concept SO well! I feel like Kwangmin pulled off this dark image especially well! I feel like this concept really suited him, hence the reason he got so much face time in the music video (along with Donghyun).
I was so happy to see BOYFRIEND with this dark, creepy image! It's definitely a change from their usual 'flower boy' image. I felt like they were rather generic with their Obsession comeback, but they bounced right back to their soft, boyfriend-y side with the release of Alarm (WHICH I LOVED SO MUCH). 

This music video actually reminded me alot of their Janus comeback (which was my absolute favorite comeback of BOYFRIEND's ever!) I was so happy to see that the members of BOYFRIEND have grown and matured into these amazing young men in their Witch music video. They look so grown up and this concept suits them well! I would't mind having a million more of their comebacks with this concept!

The Song

'Cause your body goes boom bara boom~ has been stuck in my head ever since I began to religiously watch BOYFRIEND's live stages of Witch before releasing their music video for it.

I had high expectations for this song, and I was definitely not disappointed when this music video came out! I feel like it's so catchy and will get stuck in your head for days lol

I was happy to see how the parts of this song were pretty evenly distributed between Jeongmin, Donghyun, & Hyunseong. Youngmin got his share of lines also; I was satisfied with his lines in this song because his lines weren't necessarily short and they were repeated through out the song. 
Leader Donghyun
older twin Youngmin
My one main complaint was, though, the VERY OBVIOUS difference in rap lengths for Kwangmin and MinWoo. I thought it was ridiculously unfair how MinWoo's rap was ostensibly long as compared to Kwangmin's. I feel like Kwangmin only got to say 2-3 shorter lines in between MinWoo's rap. I understand that MinWoo is the lead rapper of the group, but Kwangmin is still the main rapper, and thus deserves more lines than that. I know the difference between Kwangmin's and MinWoo's voices by heart and you can see in their live stages how MinWoo is ostensibly rapping more frequently than Kwangmin. 
My ultimate male bias/younger twin Kwangmin <3
Still, Kwangmin did get a /SMALLER/ share of lines in this song BUT got way more face time than MinWoo in this music video, so that's why I am satisfied. When I first watched the live stages of this song (before the music video was released) I was like 'Kwangmin better be the freaking star of this MV because his part is hella short compared to MinWoo's!'
I still love this song whole heartedly, but I would just be so much happier if Kwangmin and Youngmin were payed a bit more attention to when it comes to the distribution of lines/singing parts in a song. 

The Dance

Personally, I feel like BOYFRIEND isn't well known for their dances. I think their most memorable dances were from music videos like Boyfriend, Janus, and Iyah. They aren't as well known for their dances as, say, INFINITE. 

But the dance for this song was pretty memorable in my opinion! I absolutely adore the choreography to the lines 'Cause your body goes boom bara boom'! And I also loved when, towards the end of the song, they all get into a circle and do that crazy b-boy floor move LOL 
I'm not good at explaining so, just look at the gifs below LOL

The Music Video

Okay~ As for the music video, I was really happy about it. The opening & closing was so grand! 
I was pretty satisfied with the story line:

Donghyun brings the members a newspaper telling of how people with the 'BF' mark on their wrist were being killed by a girl with a red riding hood. Hyunseong goes out onto the roof top and gets attacked by the red riding hood antagonist. When the rest of the BOYFRIEND members find that Hyunseong was attacked, they all go out onto the roof top because Hyunseong's attacker left them a note telling them she would see them there. The red riding hood attacker turns out to be the girl they had befriended and let into their house previously in the MV. They all attack, but the music video ends with all of them sprawled out on the floor, with her walking away unharmed. 
the ultimate bae is so sexy when he's angry LOL
kwangmin <3
The twins (Youngmin & Kwangmin) lunge together <3
noooooo my kwangmin ._.
I was personally annoyed with how they didn't defeat her lol But hey, that's life, isn't it? 

I loved the creepy colored contacts and all of the editing effects. I honestly think that this was one of their best MV's ever.
the ultimate bae Kwangmin <3
Leader Donghyun
This is Kwangmin's older twin named Youngmin
Haters commented that they thought it was cheesy and crappy, but I strongly disagree. Haters of this music video can go get murdered by that red riding hood backstabber LOL

My Rating

Okay, being BOYFRIEND biased, how could I not give this MV a 5 out of 5. I was sincerely impressed by how far BOYFRIEND has come since their debut and have thus given them this score. They pulled off this image so well, and I couldn't be a prouder Best Friend <3

The release of BOYFRIEND's newest video has really made me smile, considering all of the ridiculous drama happening in the world of k-pop. BOYFRIEND has always been there to make their fans smile c: 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review & until next time,

xoxo Payton <3

*Pssssst~ Keep your eyes peeled for a collab I'll be doing with the beautiful Karyn*

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