K-pop: The Worst Year of K-pop??? UPDATED [PHOTO HEAVY]

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Hello k-partiers <3 Have you guys noticed anything strange in the k-pop world, lately?

my feels :(
I'm sorry, but today's post is a bit more serious than usual!

I've been involved in the world of k-pop since about early middle school (and I will be starting university next year) and have seen it grow and change.Yet, I've noticed that in 2014 particularly, things seemed to be going down hill when it comes to k-pop and it's idols. 

I don't know if you guys are into k-pop, but a lot of horrible things have been happening to k-pop idols this year. 

Let me outline some k-pop related tragedies that happened this year below! (From oldest news to newest!) 

[SIDE NOTE: I am aware that these events may not seem like tragedies to those outside of the k-pop fandom, but please be respectful. For some people, k-pop means the world to them.]

1) Kris Leaves EXO M

This is old news but I remember when this fact came out as a rumor. All exo stans and Kris biased fangirls prayed that it was just a rumor that Kris wanted out of EXO. All of us were devastated when we found out that Kris really did leave EXO. You could see it in the members of EXO and in the EXO L fandom that everyone was hurting. 
I feel like people are pretty much over it now, but I know that some of those poor Kris biased fangirls are still hurting. My heart goes out to them.
Alot of people are joking about how Sehun or Luhan are next to leave/be kicked out of EXO. I know it's a harmless joke, but I don't think it's funny. I think it's still a bit too soon to be joking like that lol...

UPDATE: As of 10.9.14 Luhan has officially filed a lawsuit against SM to nullify his contract :(

I'm HunHan biased >~< I'd be devastated if they left EXO. But that's just a little joke/suspicion amongst silly EXO L's right now. 

2) A Car Crash Leads to the Death of Two Ladies Code Members (Eun B & Rise)

I'm sure almost everyone has heard about this. This event shook the WHOLE k-pop fandom. 

I remember just hearing news about how Ladies Code  had gotten into a car crash and that 3 of the girl's were hospitalized. I remember seeing updates on how those hospitalized members were doing. Hearing "Oh, one's disfigured!", "Oh, one's in a vegetative state!", and "They were in surgery for 9 hours" really broke my heart.

I was never a fan of Ladies Code to be completely honest; I just never really listened to their music. But nonetheless, I felt so much sympathy for Ladies Code's fans, families, and the members of Ladies Code themselves. 

I sympathized greatly with those who were Eun B biased or Rise biased. I could never imagine one of my biases passing away. Could you imagine that? 

Honestly, if Amber or Kwangmin or Zelo were to die today, it would be equivalent to me losing a best friend or family member. Some kids put their hearts and souls into k-pop; For some, the k-pop world is the only place where they can find acceptance and understanding. For some, the fandoms and idols of the k-pop world have become their only family. 
I watched Eun B's funeral service video. I had never seen a Ladies Code music video nor have I ever listened to a song by Ladies Code. But when I watched Eun B's funeral service, I cried as if I was a Ladies Code fan for years. Regardless of what k-pop fandom you are in, it is impossible for you to not sympathize with these poor girls of Ladies Code, their fans, and their families. 
I feel like nothing worse than the death of Eun B and Rise could happen in the k-pop world right now.

3) Jessica is Forced to Leave Girls Generation

This is the newest of the bad news going around in the k-pop world right now. This issue obviously is not as horrible as the death of Eun B and Rise, but it did shake alot of Sones. 

Girls Generation seemed like the group that would be together forever; they seemed unshakeable. Until recently, Jessica appeared to be kicked out of Girls Generation. 
To be honest, I wasn't a super huge fan of Girls Generation. I thought they were cool and all, but I only truly liked a few of their songs. I thought that Jessica was pretty much one of the best singers in SNSD. 

I was so surprised when I found out that she was in fact kicked out of the group. Read more about SM's side of the story HERE and see Jessica's side of the story HERE. There are too many details behind this story to type out lol

I am so surprised that this happened, also because the SNSD members JUST renewed their contracts with SM! What is going on here???

All of this SM Entertainment drama with EXO  & SNSD is making fans jump to conclusions and assume that no group under SM is safe, namely f(x). Sulli hasn't been promoting with f(x) lately, especially after that dating & pregnancy scandal. SM has made Sulli go on a little leave, which is making fans suspicious that she will be the next one to leave :(
I am praying so hard that Sulli won't leave.
Honestly, I feel like too much has been happening in the k-pop world. I seriously need to get away from it for a while lol Well, at least I have my university applications to keep me busy -_- 
I feel super duper sorry towards the poor, innocent souls who become fans of k-pop in 2014. This definitely has to be the WORST year of k-pop ever. NOT because the MV's or songs suck (because they are all awesome), but because of all the bad things that have been happening to k-pop idols and groups. I really hope we'll all recover soon.

Are you a fan of k-pop? If so, please let me know how you feel about the surprising events that have been occurring this year in the k-pop world!

Be strong & keep holding on until next time!

xoxo Payton <3

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  1. I feel your "feels" as well :( so many things has been happening recently this year that it just doesn't make sense. For me, I honestly will stand by everyone and just support them for who they are and what they chose to do/ or what happened. As for the Sulli and Jessica, I just hope that we get the correct information soon and that we may get to hear from the actually members of their groups. All I can say is I wish everyone the best/Rest in peace and hopefully everything will make sense sooner or later and we can go back to enjoying and love kpop the way it should be<3


  2. that a really unsuccesful year for kpop :(
    I started following you, it's your turn now :)

  3. I only know SNSD of the bands you name, but the death of those 2 girls from Ladies Code.. Oh my god, that's really sad! They were so young, it's terrible :(
    I'm following you, I like some kpop bands like F(x)

    Freak Muffin Blog


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