BAP to Nulify Contract with TS Ent???

8:32 AM

Good morning k-partiers! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA too~

Have you heard the news??? I was so upset to wake up on Thanksgiving morning to this horrible news. It was literally all over my facebook feed and even a blogger friend of mine tweeted me about it!

I was super surprised to find that all six members of BAP decided to nullify their contract with TS Entertainment. This situation is rather unique though, because rather than having just ONE member filing for nullification of their contract [EXO's Kris and Luhan, for example], all SIX members are trying to do so. 
Apparently, I guess money is playing a big role in this issue. It was revealed that BAP has only received $16,000 while TS Ent has made $9 million in 3 years. Even after taking a bit of a hiatus, I guess things were still boiling under the surface.
Although I'm deeply saddened because of this issue, I still have faith. All of the BAP members are in this together, and maybe things can get resolved. They debuted as a family, and they're filing for a lawsuit as family also. 
I'm extremely proud of BAP's loyalty to one another and also for their fans. I'm sure they though this whole thing through before just running to file a lawsuit. Lets all have faith in BAP! Bang will get them through this <3

With BAP being the FIRST k-pop group I've ever seen live in concert, I have this strong sense of love and attachment towards them. I'm not letting them go just yet <3

Be strong Babyz! Don't shed any tears just yet <3 We'll get through this!

xoxo Payton <3

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