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Hey k-partiers <3 I hope you've all been well~
cheers for being Ariel on halloween! BTW my hair is red but my phone camera didn't pick up the color :(
I'm still in the process of working on/sending in my university applications! It's an extremely long and painful process lol Do share any advice with me if you have any!

Any ways, here's a short K-style post featuring items from Sheinside and Kstyle me!

I think that this piece is sooooo cute~ I would love to own this adorable dress! It reminds me of what Seul Bi from High School Love On! would wear. It has a sort of witchy vibe to it and I absolutely love it!
This piece just looks so whimsical, for some reason, to me lol I also love kitties and there's a princess kitty on this dress so...what's not to love about this? lol
I LOVE sweater/skirt attachments! Even more so, I love love love plaid/tartan patterns! 
Hipster bunnies rock and so do plaid print dresses <3 'nuff said~
I think this 2 piece has a lot of personality to it. So yeah, it has a 'bad word' in it. But honestly, who cares? You can wear what you want (just maybe not at school LOL) and you shouldn't dress to other peoples' standards. Hell, I'd wear this out in public proudly <3
this is the back side
I actually really like this piece! I like the IDGAF attitude it has~ I probably just wouldn't wear this to Disney Land or little kids' birthday parties LOL
This piece is so princessy and girly~ I love this! I'd like to wear this with some nude heels and so go for a walk in a pretty park with a frilly umbrella on my shoulder lol
k-style me
I have a really unhealthy platform obsession. Let me know if you guys would like to see my little platform shoes collection!
k-style me
I really need a nice pair of mary janes like those! I'd love to pair them with stockings and socks!

So that pretty much sums up my current k-style picks from Sheinside & k-style me! Thanks so much for reading with me & I'll see you guys in my next post <3

Let me know what your favorite piece was in the comments~

Until next time,

xoxo Payton

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