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Ulzzang Fashion: Santa Monica Pier

4:00 PM

Hey k-partiers! Here's a quick outfit post before I lose my mind about college applications~

These pictures are actually from all the way in September/early October when I went on my college road trip! It was rather warm in Santa Barbara, so I was able to wear a sheer top with short shorts!
Also, a fun fact, a part of BAP's Coffee Shop MV was filmed right where I was standing at Santa Monica pier & also on the beach! I felt great BAP vibes while there LOL

Keep reading to find out where I purchased the items I'm wearing!

sorry for the lighting! i was in the shade lol
This outfit was actually super fashionable AND  all of the items worn were bought for super amazing prices! This just goes to show you that you can still be super chic while spending less!

Lastly, I'd like to apologize if I'm not posting as often this month! The whole month of November is the time for USA kids to be sending in their university applications! And if can be assumed that I'm trying to focus on getting accepted into good colleges right now LOL So thanks so much for your understanding & I'll try to post as often as I can this month~

Thanks for reading & until next time,

xoxo Payton

HAIR UPDATE: My hair is now red because I was The Little Mermaid for Halloween!

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