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K-style Winter Trends

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Hey K-partiers~ Have you all joined my Korean cosmetics GIVEAWAY?

I hope you're all enjoying your winter holidays & keeping nice and warm~ It's really sunny & warm in SoCal right now, but I have been dying to try out the reoccurring K-style winter trends going around!

Keep reading & let me highlight a few of my favorite winter trends that the women of Korea has been sporting lately~

1) Fitted Trenchcoats 
I've seen tons and tons of girls in Korean dramas wearing these beautiful trench coats. The most common trench coats are fitted to the waist, adorned with girly buttons, and flair out a bit towards the skirt. They can be dressed up or down, and are definitely a staple in the K-style winter trends!

2) Fashionable Scarves

Scarves are another significant trend going around in Korea. Almost all ulzzang girls & boys are seen rocking a fashionable scarf around their necks. Some of the most popular scarves seen on K-drama actresses are infinity scarves and seemingly endless long scarves. I know I've been wearing my scarves all fall & winter also~

3) Beanies
I absolutely adore beanies~ Although I seldom wear them where I live, I think they are ridiculously cute & love how they go with everything~ I especially like the bunny-eared beanies worn by most K-pop stars. One such beanie can be seen on IU in the picture above! 

Beanies are super casual and can make an outfit look comfy and relaxed~

4) Oversized Cardigans & Sweaters
I feel like I never see K-pop stars and actresses in regular sized cardigans and sweaters! Everyone seems to be rocking oversized outerwear, thus, oversized cardigans and sweaters are on the list of K-style winter trends~ I personally own a large number of oversized sweaters and cardigans, so I'm no different lol 

These are sure to keep you all warm during the colder seasons~

5) Stockings Beneath Shorts, Skirts, Etc 
This is my absolute favorite K-style winter trend! I love wearing tights/stockings under my shorts, skirts, and dresses. I feel like it adds a modest, girly touch to every outfit & also help keep legs warm!

Check out the outfits below because I love the style inspiration~

Thanks so much for reading~ Let me know if you've been rocking any of these trends lately in the comments :)

Until next time, 

xoxo Payton <3


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