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Daiso & Korean Cosmetics Haul [Photo Heavy]

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Happy Mid January <3 Time to get in your last minute entires for my SKIN FOOD GIVEAWAY!
If you weren't aware, Daiso is basically a Japanese dollar store that sells anything you could ever need! My favorite thing about Daiso is how everything there is so cheap! You could by about 20 things and the total price would be around $20. (Everything in Daiso is priced around $1-$3)

I recently made a quick trip to my nearest Daiso and H Mart (a local Korean market) and made a few lovely purchases which were all under $12! 

KEEP READING to see what I picked up~

1. IT'S SKIN Babyface Teardrop Liner

I think the cutest item on my list of purchases from Daiso and H Mart would be this adorable aegyo sal liner! It is from a famous Korean brand called IT'S SKIN. This teardrop liner comes from IT'S SKIN'S Babyface line~

*I'll post a review of this product soon~*

2. GIRL'S DAY Collagen Mask Sheets

There were actually 5 mask sheets available, each sheet mask packet featuring one of four of the GIRL'S DAY members and one packet displaying all 4 of the members together. I purchased all of the mask sheets except for the one with all 4 members on the front. 

I purchased the Brightening Day mask, the Shining Day mask, the Moisturizing Day mask, and the Fresh Vitamin Day mask. I think I'm most excited about trying the brightening & shining masks because I absolutely adore brightening products <3

All of the masks' packaging is so cute~ The pictures of the other masks I purchased can be found below!

3. Oil Blotting Sheets & Green Tea Cleansing Wipes

I put these two items together because they're not really anything unique or special lol These two products are staples in my everyday skincare routine!

The picture on the left is of an oil blotting sheet box which holds 250 oil blotting sheets! The oil blotting sheets are MUCH CHEAPER than the oil blotting sheets at Target or Walmart, for example. I recommend purchasing your oil blotting sheets at Daiso if possible because you'd get 250-300 blotting sheets (depending on which pack you'd buy) for about $1!

The picture on the right is of a pack of green tea cleansing tissues! Even though they aren't specifically labeled as makeup removal sheets, they remove makeup really easily and cleanse your skin at the same time. 

I actually highly recommend those green tea cleansing wipes to people who have sensitive/acne prone skin. My skin breaks out relatively easily, and these wipes don't irritate my skin at all. They leave my skin feeling super smooth and fresh~

So that pretty much wraps up my Daiso & H Market haul! I hope you guys enjoyed~

Let me know which product you would want to try for yourself in the comments~

Thanks for reading & until next time, 

xoxo Payton
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