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My Top 5 Favorite Korean Beauty Gurus~

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I feel like Korean ulzzang makeup techniques are constantly changing and each Korean makeup youtuber is unique! I love checking different Korean makeup youtubers' channels so I can see each girl's interpretation and variation of the "Ulzzang look".

Keep reading to see who my favorite Korean beauty gurus are~

1. Pony aka Park Hye Min from insiteTV 
omfg I swear she's the most beautiful person on earth~~~~
Pony is my favorite Korean makeup youtuber~ She does a lot of modeling in Korea and even has a few books out right now. 
I think Pony is one of the most well known Korean makeup youtuber. I absolutely love watching her videos! She has a bunch of videos up, ranging from k-pop inspired tutorials to school appropriate makeup tutorials.  She also has a bunch of skincare videos up and has specific tutorials for mono lids and people who wear hijabs~ I absolutely love how universal her videos are <3

Pony speaks Korean in her videos, but includes English subs for her international viewers~

2. So Young from So Young's Beauty Room
So Young is so pretty! She is a Korean makeup youtuber who is currently living in LA but is really well known in Korea. I think she's most well known for her video comparing Korean makeup trends with American Makeup trends. 
She, like Pony, also has a handful of K-pop inspired makeup tutorials. So Young also only speaks Korean in her videos, but includes English subs!

3. Yoon CharMi from Yoon CharMi Makeup Channel (윤쨔미 메이크업 체널
I think Yoon CharMi is the cutest Korean guru on my list~ I watched one of her makeup videos and instantly adored her! She has so much personality and charisma in her videos :D
She has a variety of videos up that will surely be helpful for any special occasion you may have~ She speaks Korean in her videos (she has a handful of Japanese speaking versions of her tutorials) but unfortunately, she does NOT have English subs! I personally use it to my advantage though, to practice my Korean listening skills~

4. Sunny from sunnydahye
Sunny is the Korean beauty guru that I have been watching and following for the longest. She speaks English in all of her videos (not counting a few featuring her cousins or mother). 
She has a bunch of makeup videos up, ranging from her everyday tutorials, to party/date makeup tutorials, to K-pop inspired tutorials! She also has a lot of nice Korean makeup/skincare hauls & reviews. Definitely check out her channel~

5. Janie from KoreanLovesBeauty 
I only have recently started watching Janie's channel but I really like her videos. She speaks English in her videos, so no need to worry about needing subtitles :) 
She not only does makeup videos, but also does videos on fashion and skincare! I think she also has a getting to know her tag on her channel, so you should also check that video out if you want to learn more about her :3

So those are my top 5 favorite Korean beauty gurus~ I hope I was able to introduce you to some awesome new beauty gurus and their unique makeup techniques~

Let me know if you guys are fans of any of these gurus in the comments <3

Thanks for reading & until next time,

xoxo Payton <3 

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