K-Pop Monthly Upd8 of January!

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Hey K-partiers <3 Welcome to the 1st K-pop Monthly Upd8 of 2015!

I know I've been pretty horrible about my K-pop Upd8's as I totally skipped the last few months of these posts in 2014 lol I figured there was a bit to much drama for my liking, so I took a slight break from k-pop.

Now that I'm back in the game, I'm highly anticipating what K-Pop 2015 has to offer me. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty underwhelmed when I was trying to pick out the measly EIGHT music videos for this month's k-pop Upd8.

There was one MV that really stood out to me though <3

Keep reading to find out which 8 K-pop music videos I'll be reviewing :D

1) Turn me back by 1PUNCH (10/10)

Okay, I am not going to lie, I was actually pretty skeptical about this music video upon first viewing it. For those of you who follow K-pop very closely, I'm sure you know about groups who have not even debuted yet, such as Pledis Entertainment's undebuted boy group called Seventeen. 

I had followed Seventeen closely pretty early on, but haven't been keeping close tabs on them lately. I was aware that Samuel, the youngest member of Seventeen (2002 liner, I believe) had left the group. But I was totally unaware of how he had joined a duo and debuted!!!!
I was super skeptical, because of the pretty obvious age gap between One and Punch. I know, I know. Their duo's name is "One Punch" and their stage names are One and Punch. One, being the name of the leader, and Punch being Samuel. It's so weird how little Samuel's stage name is Punch, but whatever. 
Punch aka Samuel <3
I actually fell in love with this MV to be completely honest! I absolutely adored the old school hip-hop feel. And I really thought the big brother/little brother vide was suuuuuuuper cute and they even had matching outfits <3 
I thought the song was super catchy and will definitely be listening to it on repeat~ 


*This MV got a lot of hate, but I absolutely adore this MV*

2) Pretty by INFINITE H (9/10)

INFINITE and all of its sub units will always have a special place in my heart <3 
This MV was unexpectedly goofy and showed off Dongwoo and Hoya's dorky/aegyo side lol  I thought the whole lawyer/court concept was all right, but I don't think the plot made a whole lot of sense if you think about it logically lol
I thought the dance was absolutely adorable and I was SO IN LOVE with their bold/flashy outfits! /Escpecially Dongwoo's outfits/
Not going to lie, I think the whole aegyo concept suited Dongwoo way more that Hoya. Hoya seemed a little bit awkward through out the MV while Dongwoo seemed more natural. I adore both of them so much though <3

You must watch until the very end! Dongwoo + Hoya = LIFE <3

3) NP NP by SOYA & KK (9/10)

If you don't understand Korean fluently, I recommend you watch this MV with English subs! The lyrics of this song are what made me rate it a 9/10!

The lyrics of this song are too cute! It's a whole boy vs girl type of song which I really like because I like hearing different sides of the story/argument. And yes, of course, I'm sided with the girl! LOL
Although the MV is really nothing special, I really like the whole cat and mouse quarrel of this song and the lyrics are SO me lol 
It's a really quirky song, and I'm sure all girls can relate to it :)

4) One Fine Day by Jung Yong Hwa of CN BLUE (8.5/10)

WARNING: This MV will bring back MAJOR Shin Woo feels for all of those You're Beautiful fans out there!!!

Because this song starts with that whole party scene, when the song started, I thoguht it sounded unexpectedly sad lol 
The lyrics of this song were ridiculously sad and I understood most of the lyrics without having to look them up. This song is actually so melancholy with his voice being so soothing.
The ending of this MV was actually upsettingly sad to me knowing that almost all of the dramas I've seen Yong Hwa in, he never truly ends up happy/with the girl. 

OUCH, TOO SOON. I'm still not over my Shin Woo feels yet!

5) Child in Time by Sunny Hill (8.5/10)

I recommend watching this MV with the English captions, because the lyrics of this song are really beautiful!

I thought the whole story line of this song was super heart warming and cute. I find this MV super meaningful, as it makes you appreciate your youth more. 
The lyrics of this song really got to me, as I'm growing up and going off to college soon. It really makes you realize just how precious your youth is and how you shouldn't try to grow up too fast.

6) Cold Rain by 4MINUTE (7.8/10)

Okay, being completely honest, this MV had a really boring set. I thought the MV was pretty basic, but the song was very beautiful. 

I really like the mature concept on the members of 4MINUTE, as it made them look really womanly and beautiful. 
This song is more sad and depressing as compared to their more upbeat songs, but I thought it was absolutely gorgeous! Hyuna's chill rap was my absolute favorite part :)

7) Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) by Jonghyun (6/10)

As much as I love SM ENT and their amazing groups, I was not feeling this MV.

Jonghyun was in one of SM's typical box sets and SM's pup up ads were hella annoying as usual. Like, they kind of block the view of the MV -_- 
I'm completely aware of how Jonghyun has an amazing, heavenly voice, but the MV and song were really underwhelming. Jonghyun is absolutely gorgeous and talented, yet I think that this MV and song barely showcased him at all. 

This MV was pretty boring to me, sorry not sorry :/

8) Fire by JJCC (5.5/10)

Okay, honestly, from the very start of this MV, I knew it was going to be a stereotypical K-pop music video. 

The whole car theme seemed kind of over done and super common. The song was also pretty underwhelming and wasn't catchy in my opinion at all...

I think what I liked most about this MV was E.co, G-Dragon's look alike lol E.co is hella fine <3 
But the MV and song did not do him or the other JJCC members justice at all!

So that pretty much wraps up January's K-pop Monthly Upd8! I hope you guys enjoyed it :)

I'm currently in the process of picking a weekday that I'll be posting on every week. I'm planning on posting a new post every Wednesday! K-Party Wednesday??? I'll let you guys know when I pick a set weekday. 

Let me know what your favorite January Music video was in the comments :D K-pop or non K-pop, I'd love to hear <3

Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

xoxo Payton

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