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Mini Clothing Haul + My Prom Dress!!!

9:23 PM

Happy K-Party Wednesday! Welcome back to KPWP~
 This post will be super short & sweet because I actually didn't really pick up much at the mall over the weekend, as my main purpose was to purchase a prom dress. But nonetheless, I'll be sharing pics of the items I purchased while out!

I'm really excited to share my prom dress with you all, so stay tuned till the end of this post to see it!

Keep reading to see my purchases & my prom dress~~~

The Hollister at the mall I went to for my prom dress was having a crazy sale, so I just had to pick up these two pairs of shorts! They are both ridiculously comfortable and cute! The literally feel like they're made out of the same material that leggings are made out of!

I have a feeling that I'll be wearing these shorts 24/7 over spring & summer! They're just so comfy~

As a size reference, both pairs of these shorts were purchased in a size 1 or 25 waist. 

The next store I stopped by was Forever 21! I think you're all aware by now that I'm drawn to really unique and quirky articles of clothing. As in, if it's weird and bold enough to look like a K-pop idol would wear it, I am SO purchasing it!

I thought this Spongebob crop top was way to cute and colorful to not purchase! I think that this crop top would go amazingly well with the light wash shorts shown above! 

This crop top fits really nicely also. Being on the smaller fun sized side of the height spectrum (about 5'2 or 158 cm), a lot of crop tops aren't even crop tops on me lol They're more like regularly sized shirts! 

But this crop top fits rather nicely on me, and actually looked like a crop top!

And as for the big reveal of my prom dress: 
Words cannot really describe how IN LOVE I am with my prom dress! My mother actually hand picked this dress out for me as we were out prom dress shopping. 

I was getting slightly discouraged because most of the dresses that I actually liked were too big and not in my size! I really ended up just trying to search for any dress that was in my size and not ridiculously priced lol

But, when I tried on this dress, I knew that it was the one! It's such a lovely aquamarine color and is mermaid style! The sparkle detailing on the dress makes the person wearing it look like a beautiful mermaid~

I think that fitted mermaid dresses really flatter my body type, as I'm petite in height and have some nice curves. The fuller, ballroom type dresses and gowns tended to eat up my figure and make me look shapeless and even more short lol

One of the workers said that if I dyed my hair a more obvious red color, I'd look exactly like The Little Mermaid with my dress! As I am a die-heart believer and lover of mermaids, I was completely flattered lol 

So that pretty much wraps up this post! I was super excited to share my prom dress with all of you guys~ 

What kind of dresses did you guys wear to prom? Or if there's no prom/school dance where you live, what kind of dress suits your body type the best? 

Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear!

Until next time,

xoxo Payton

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