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My V-Day Weekend Outfits

12:57 PM

Happy K-Party Wednesday!
I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day weekend~ Here in the US, at least for my school district, we had a four day weekend! 

It was super fun and relaxing, but I didn't do any romantic V-day date stuff or whatever lol I really mostly just spent it with friends and family. 

Because my V-Day weekend was so chill, I wore relatively casual outfits. Two of which, I will be doing an outfit breakdown below!

This outfit was actually featured in my previous V-Day themed post and I got a lot of compliments on it :) (Thank you guys <3)

I wore this outfit to school before kicking off the four day weekend, except I switched out the nude heels with a pair of cream high top Converse. 

The ability to be able to dress up or down an outfit with the change of shoes really displays the versatility of the outfit and how it can be worn for really any occasion. 

I didn't want to drown myself in pinks and reds, so I just wore a pastel pink skirt to be semi-festive. 

*the distressed shorts are actually from H&M; oopsy~
I feel as if the crop top in this post has been featured in a ton of other outfit posts here on KPWP lol I actually really love that crop top and almost wear it on a weekly basis lol 

Buuuuut, as a proud single individual over this fine V-Day weekend, I decided to wear my "Nothing Lasts Forever" crop top loud and proud! 

While I was being ever so slightly in a rebellious/ironic mood, I decided to make my outfit more on the edgier side with high waisted distressed short shorts and my beloved lime platform converse. 

I wore this outfit on V-Day while hanging out with friends~
Having girl's night on V-Day~
So that pretty much summed up this week's post~ I hope you guys enjoyed this fashion post!

Let me know how you spent your Valentine's day weekend in the comments :3

Thanks so much for reading & until next time, 

xoxo Payton
feel free to add me on snapchat if you're interested in my daily life~

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