K-pop Monthly Upd8 of February!

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Happy K-Party Wednesday~ 

I feel like I've been doing an excess amount of fashion posts, so I decided it was time for another K-pop Upd8 as February has just ended~

Honestly, I didn't find many MV's that stood out to me much this month, other than Amber's solo debut! Maybe March will be a better month for k-pop, especially since Boyfriend is having a comeback!!!

Keep reading to see my reviews of 8 K-pop music videos that came out in the month of February~

1) Shake That Brass by Amber of f(x) (+10/10)

If you didn't already know, Amber is my number 1 bias and the reason why I got into/stayed in the crazy ass k-pop fandom! When I heard my baby was going to have her very own solo debut, I just about lost it! I was SO happy that SM finally made a right move and decided to showcase Amber's infinite talents. 
most beautiful person on earth, i swear!!!
But to be completely honest, I feel like SM definitely could've chosen a better song for her solo debut. Have you listened to her full solo album titled Beautiful? I am absolutely IN LOVE with each and every song on her album! But, Shake That Brass was honestly my least favorite, if I had to choose one. 
omfg so gorgeous <3
Yet, I really loved the colorfulness of the MV, I felt like it really suited Amber. The MV was super silly and quirky, which I thought really showcased Amber's goofy and playful side :) And I was so happy to see that SM didn't try to feminize her or turn her into something that she is not/something she is not comfortable with. 
All of Amber's outfits were absolutely gorgeous and suited her well.

I really like how Amber's MV featured some of her good friends like Jackson and Brad. 
LOL jackson is such a dork
And of course, SM got in some easy advertising by throwing in some SNSD members (maybe even to put them in a better light as the 'kicking out' of Jessica led to some controversy). Taeyeon was also featured in Amber's song, and honestly, I think she was really unneeded. 
If you know about Amber, you know that she is more than capable of singing. Hell, listen to all of the songs on Amber's solo album. AMBER HAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SINGING VOICE! I honestly think that I would have liked Shake That Brass a whole lot more if Amber had sang/rapped herself for the whole song, instead of having Taeyeon sing. Like, why have another singer come and sing when Amber already has an absolutely amazing voice and probably would have totally slayed it?
how can you NOT love this face!?!? haters gon' hate 
No hate towards Taeyeon; I think she's gorgeous and has an amazing voice. But SM needs to realize what a gem Amber Josephine Liu is!!!

2) Be Your Girl by YeonDu (+10/10)

I honestly was not expecting much from this song, as YeonDu's rapping sounded extremely similar to Miryo's. 
Yet, when I looked up the English lyrics, I absolutely fell in love! I feel like the lyrics were super relatable to for the girls out there who're trying to impress that someone special.

Here is the English translation for the chorus of this song:

"I want to be a girl, I want to wear short skirts
I want to be the prettiest girl for you
I want to be your girl, I want to be your love
Now I only know you
Woo Woo Woo ah ah
Woo Woo Woo ah ah yeh
Now I only know you (yeah baby, I wanna be the one, your love)
The music video was really nothing special, but the song itself was great! YeonDu has an amazing singing voice and I really prefer her singing over her rapping. 

3) Too Very So MUCH by MYNAME (+9/10)

Okay, talk about super cute! I absolutely loved MYNAME's newest music video~ This whole style and concept totally reminded me of a clear mix of GOT7 & BTOB! 
I really liked the colorful MV and the song that easily got stuck in my head. The members were so adorable as they showed off their quirky, goofy sides. 

The dance was super cute & had some pretty memorable aspects. 
I think what I liked best about this song/MV was that the rappers were finally getting the attention they deserved! I think it's sadly rather common that rappers of k-pop groups often get the shorter end of the stick; getting poorly written & super short raps thrown into a song. But the rapper of MYNAME were pretty much the stars of this song & MV :)
I thought the raps were super likable & JUNQ's English was just plain precious~ (JUNQ was the blonde cutie who faints in the beginning of the MV)

4) I'm Bad by NU'EST (+8/10)

I wasn't expecting NU'ESTs comeback! It randomly came up on my Youtube feed the day it had came out and I knew I had to feature it in this post~ 
The second the MV started, something immediately caught my eye; Ren looked exactly like Luhan (a former EXO M member) with her dark brown, side swept hair! Ren was always my bias in NU'EST, but with his new hair making him look like my bias of EXO M, I loved him even more~

Another thing that caught my attention was the catchy beat at the beginning of the song. I think that catchy beats are the way to my heart when it comes to k-pop songs lol 

The MV for this song was beautiful and clear; It was simple yet artistic. It was nothing like those k-pop MV's that try too hard to be artistic and/or original, but fail miserably lol This MV suits the song really well in my opinion. I'm absolutely loving the mature concept on them~
This song had pretty evenly distributed parts. I was surprised that Ren had the number of lines that he had! He usually gets neglected when it comes to part distribution. NU'EST songs tend to be mainly Minhyun & Baekho, pretty even raps shared between JR & Aron, and a line or two for Ren lol 

*Baekho did not participate in this song due to recovery from surgery, I believe*

I was happy all in all with this song & MV, but I don't ever think anything could ever top 여보세요.

5) Lovekiller by Niel (+8/10)

I am a relatively big fan of Teen Top. I saw them live at KCON maybe in 2013? It was super fun! I watched them perform 장난아냐 live for the very first time! 
Anyways, Niel honestly was not my bias in Teen Top. He really never caught my eye, except for when it came to his smooth dancing. And his smooth dancing was exactly what caught my eye in this MV. 

His dancing was hella slick and smooth and on-point as usual! No surprise~ And his singing was just as smooth as his dancing. His voice was so comforting & relaxing <3
I did think that so much more could have happened with this MV though! I thought the whole MV (minus Niel's awesome dancing) was rather generic and slightly boring. I thought the MV was pretty boring right up until the scene with the bright red stage came up! That scene took me by surprise & was a lot less boring~

Niel totally slayed with his kick ass dancing & smooth voice~ I was actually really impressed! Great job, Niel~

6) Love Equation by VIXX (+7.8/10)

VIXX was always my go-to group when I needed some halloween-y music! But I always love cutesy flower boy image concepts~ 
I really liked the cute concept of this MV~ The song was super bubbly and the dance was adorable! 
Cute concepts are great and all with VIXX but I find Ravi rather cringe-worthy...sorry, not sorry! More for Ravi-stans, then~

I love VIXX, yet I thought this MV was more on this generic side. I honestly expected a bit more of this MV & song though, because VIXX usually tends to blow me away.

7) I'm in Love by Jinyoung and U Sung Eun (+7/10)

JinYoung was what had drawn me to this MV~ 
I really like cute duets like this~ (Do you guys see my obsession with cute concepts???) Yet, I feel that the atmosphere between JinYoung & U Sung Eun was really awkward though lol 

This drama-like MV made me feel super embarrassed for the Sung Eun to be completely honest lol
This MV was super sweet & endearing~ 

8) Black Swan by Rainbow (+4/10)

Okay, the beginning of this MV was really creepy. It had pretty trippy editing & filtering throughout. 

If you don't know about Rainbow, they tend to have super colorful, bright, & cute concepts to their MV's & songs. So, this concept seemed really weird & unflattering for them. 
I feel like the dance was really generic and try-hard to be sexy. Aaand, I also thought that the chorus was a bit annoying. 
I also felt like the MV didn't really suit the song. I felt like the person who came up with the whole MV concept was trying a bit too hard to cram the girls of Rainbow into a concept that really didn't suit them in my opinion. 

Sorry Rainbow fans, but I was rather unimpressed! I'll be anticipating their next comeback though!

So that pretty much raps up my K-pop Monthly Upd8 for February! Sorry this post came up in march; as february was a shorter month, this wednesday landed in early march :p

I'm planning on putting up a little makeup tutorial or makeup review next week! I'm still in the process of deciding what kind of post I wanna do though lol I think I need to do a girl-talk post soon also!

Anyways, let me know what your favorite February music video was in the comments! It can be k-pop or non k-pop; I'd love to know <3

Thanks so much for reading & until next Wednesday, 

xoxo Payton

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