5 Female K-drama Characters That I Love

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Happy K-Party Wednesday!
Welcome back to my blog~ I realized how badly I have been neglecting my K-drama tab for this blog >.< I just haven't had the time to sit down and watch K-dramas lately, since I've had to deal with college related things (I GOT INTO MY FIRST CHOICE UNI, BTW :D)

But today, I decided to do a K-drama related post and commemorate my 5 favorite female K-drama characters which I feel I relate to in so many ways~

Keep reading to see who my favorite characters are~

1) Oh Ha Ni, Playful Kiss 

I instantly fell in love with Oh Ha Ni as I was watching Playful Kiss. I felt like I could totally relate to her outspoken and silly personality which often causes her embarrassment and or slight humiliation lol Her silly personality makes her absolutely hilarious!
Another thing that I felt Ha Ni and I had in common was her innocent and naive side. At the beginning of the drama, she was a bit childish and not the brightest star in the sky, but she matured well into a nice young lady by the end of the drama. 
Ha Ni, like almost all of the other female k-drama characters that I connect with, was completely infatuated by the male lead, named Baek Seungjo. I feel like I'm often found love struck at school, which can sometimes lead me to do seriously embarrassing things lol
Even though Ha Ni wasn't super smart or perfect, she was still so determined and always had an infectiously joyous, optimistic mood that I really admired. 

2) Kim Ha Ni, Surplus Princess 

Kim Ha Ni was a character that I instantly was drawn to, especially since she was a mermaid lol 

But, what I loved about Ha Ni was that she was anything but afraid to show her emotions. I absolutely love extroverted, outspoken characters because I feel like I relate really closely to them. 
Kim Ha Ni was  really realistic in that she absolutely LOVES food! Whenever there was a scene involving food, Ha Ni would throw down and eat SO MUCH. I feel like a lot of K-dramas like to hide the facts that most girls actually LOVE to eat lol 
Another factor that made Ha Ni so 'real' and relatable to was how she sometimes let her emotions get the best of her. Exposing how emotional Kim Ha Ni was enables other girls to connect with her as many girls (and boys!!!) can be emotional. 
She was absolutely lovestruck in this drama, as she scoured the earth for her one true love. She was absolutely infatuated with a man named Si Kyung and she went out of her way to get to him. That's an issue that I can relate to so much, as I tend to go out of my way for my crushes and what not. 
All in all, Kim Ha Ni was encouraging, sweet, and very hard working. She's definitely one of the friendliest mermaids around!

3) Na Doo Rim, Bride of the Century 

If I could choose to have any of these 5 lovely characters be my older sister, I would definitely choose Doo Rim! Doo Rim has all of the characters all amazing older sisters would have.
She is so sincere, caring, and sweet. Doo Rim is ridiculously considerate as she always puts others before herself. She cares about all of those around her, even animals!
Being as sweet as she is, Na Doo Rim is super innocent and pure. It's so adorable how she gets nervous when boys try to make a move on here lol
Even though Na Doo Rim is relatively soft spoken and kind hearted, she knows when to put her foot down and be assertive. She's completely capable of telling others how it is. 
Na Doo Rim prefers to have a sweet and simple life, as she really does enjoy the smaller things in life. That is something that I really admire and hope others can learn to embrace also. I really look up to her character, and hope I can grow up to be similar to her <3

4) Lee Seul Bi, High School Love On 

Lee Seul Bi is the youngest character on my list. I can relate to her a lot, because we're in about the same age range lol 

Seul Bi has that childlike innocence and pureness that I really value. I notice how our innocence tends to be stripped away from us as we begin to 'grow up' and mature. There's something about childlike innocence that I find very beautiful.
Moreover with her childlike characteristics, Seul Bi is very curious and ignorant to the 'real world'. As her character in this drama is not actually of the human species, she doesn't fully understand how the human world works lol 
She often makes comparisons to actual life in Korea with what happens in the typical K-drama lol I adore how Seul Bi's character is 'in the know' about the happenings and tendencies in K-dramas.
Seul Bi's really caring for those she loves. She's even kind and sweet towards those who are mean to her. She's a really goofy girl, but she has a heart of gold.

5) Kim Bo Tong, Pretty Man

I was initially drawn to Kim Bo Tong because she was played by the beloved IU. I fell in love with Bo Tong's infectious personality! 

Bo Tong wore crazy, zany, and colorful outfits throughout this whole drama. To go along with her 'out there' outfits was her loud and super social personality.
She was never afraid to display her love for others, especially since she was ostensibly infatuated with a man named Dok Go Ma Tae. I mentioned how the previous K-drama characters were lovestruck, but Bo Tong is on a WHOLE new level of infatuation lol
Even though Bo Tong can come across as over bearing with her personality, she really is so caring. She never gives up on those she cares about as she is really dedicated. 
This character is very thick headed and clueless at times, but she's a happy virus and makes everyone that's around her smile~
These five fictional characters are my favorites because, in a way, I feel like they each represent a part of me. I also feel like I relate to these characters on a really deep level, because we have such similar personality traits. 

Let me know who your favorite k-drama character is in the comments! I'd love to know who you guys connect with the most!

Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

xoxo Payton

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