K-pop Monthly Upd8 of March

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Happy K-Party Wednesday!

Happy April 1st, also known as April Fool's Day~ Today's K-pop Monthly Upd8 ended up in April because the last day of March ended on a Tuesday. 

I'm currently on my last week of break, and I had ample time to pick & review 8 lovely k-pop music videos~ 

Today, I'm sharing a relatively impressive mix with you guys. Those music video that ranked highest truly did blow me away. March was a very good month for K-pop!

Anyways, keep reading to see which MV's I'll be reviewing today~

1) Bounce by BOYFRIEND (+11/10) 

I swear every time BOYFRIEND comes out with a new music video, my love for them grows stronger and I just become more and more proud of them. They have come so far <3 I obviously gush a ton about my male bias group~
I absolutely fell in love with the whole Alice in Wonderland concept! I am the biggest fan of fairytale concepts. BOYFRIEND has done a Peter Pan concept, a Little Red Riding Hood concept, and now a Wonderland concept. I'm so excited to see what they'll have in store for us next <3
I felt that Starship Entertainment finally realized what a gem BOYFRIEND was and gave them a beautiful, high quality MV set that they deserved. The effects in this MV were also pretty flawless in my opinion! I absolutely love how Starship is stepping up their game with BOYFRIEND! 
The makeup and outfit changes were also all very beautiful! This MV somehow reminded me slightly of their Janus MV, which was basically my most favorite comeback of BOYFRIEND's of ALL time! The atmosphere and imagery of this MV was absolutely AMAZING!!! By the way, the dance & chorus of this MV/song is SO SEXY <3
I think that was pleased me the most was how relatively even the raps were split between Kwangmin & Minwoo. It usually annoys me so much how Minwoo almost always gets a rap segment that is literally 3 times longer than Kwangmin's! I was unbelievably outraged by the ostensibly uneven share of rap segments between KW & MW in Witch. But I love how Kwangmin got his time in the spot light for this song & MV <3

2) Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet (+10/10) 

To be completely honest, I really loathed Red Velvet's debut music video Happiness lol I thought the song was horrible & the MV seemed a bit try hard. But Ice Cream Cake totally blew me away!

The intro to the song was a bit creepy, but it morphed into a girly, music box vibe lol I really liked the chorus of this song! It's a total girl's jam lol

I adored the scenery of where this MV was shot. It totally gave me summer vibes & makes me long for summer so badly! I also really liked the food porn in this video lol All of the sweets looked soooo yummy~
I feel like the light washed hair & blue contacts suited the girls relatively nicely and also fit in pretty naturally with the feel of this MV. The pastel outfits were also too cute <3
I thought that this MV was a million times better than Red Velvet's other ones! Loved it!

3) Call Me Baby by EXO (+9/10)

Okay, so this is pretty much EXO's first MV since losing Kris and Luhan. Don't get me wrong, I loved the music video and song, it's just that I felt pretty damn empty inside knowing that Lulu & Kris weren't there :( lol
The choreography was on point as usual (what's new?) and each & every member looked fine as hell. Even though there was no plot to the MV, the MV was still captivating with the gorgeous members, on-point dancing, and amazing singing. 
I kept expecting to see Kris and Luhan pop up in the MV, but I know that they're not coming back lol
I gave this MV a 9, because compared to their other songs and MV's, I just didn't love this MV as much but I still thought it was amazing!

4) Hi~ by LOVELYZ (+8.5/10) 

At first glance at this group with Candy Jelly Love, I thought that this group was just another stereotypical, cutesy girl group. In a way, I still hold LOVELYZ to that, but something about this MV caught my eye. 

I really, really liked the cute and princess-y vibe of this music video! It really brought out my inner 5 year old self that loved anything whimsical. The imagery in this music video was so pretty with all of the bubbles & flowers. 
I thought the girls of this group totally rocked the natural makeup look~ I also really, really liked the simplicity of their pastel outfits :)
On a side note, there are WAY more girls in this group than I remembered lol And to be completely honest, a few of them look super similar to each other lol 

5) I am a Woman Too by Mina (+8/10) 

Minah is hands down my favorite Girl's Day member! I think that she's absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing voice! I was so happy to hear that she was going to have a solo debut.
I SWEAR to you that Minah is the definition of my beauty goals LOL Her outfits, hair, and makeup were just soooooooo pretty!
Honestly, the MV was really nothing special; just relatively plain sets. Minah's outfits were more captivating to me than the actual MV itself lol 

I did really like the cute body rolling dance because I thought it went really well with the catchy "I love you" part~

6) Cinderella Time by NC.A (+7.5/10) 

I've actually never really listened to NC.A before, but I was pretty impressed by this song!  She had relatively good English pronunciation, which can be rather rare in the world of k-pop lol
I feel like the lyrics of this song are super relatable to for all those girls out there who are moving towards adulthood. I, being 17 years old & attending university this fall, felt that this song really represented where I am in life right now and all of the confusing and conflicting thoughts I'm currently having lol

I also felt that the MV had a really clean and refreshing feeling to it. The fish eye effects were pretty unique and gave the MV a nice, unique touch :)

7) Apple by Gain feat. Jay Park (+6/10) 

I never really was a hardcore follower of Gain, but this MV really caught my eye. 

The MV for this short song was absolutely gorgeous! All of that summer time imagery Just makes me wanna graduate & go on summer vacation ASAP! 
I absolutely loved the contrast between the fresh, summer greens with the pop of sexy red that Gain was wearing!
Besides the captivating, sexy MV, the song honestly wasn't that great in my opinion. I thought that the song was pretty underwhelming as compared to the poppy, fun music video set. 
Not the best song, but this MV be giving me those summer vibes lol 

8) Growing by K.Will (+6/10) 

K. Will's music videos and songs usually rock my socks off, but I felt that this MV was a bit underwhelming this time around. 

I did think that this MV had beautiful imagery. I mean, this MV was so sad, yet it was really beautiful and artistically shot and portrayed. 
This MV actually gave me 0330 vibes & also reminded me of one of Teen Top's MVs when the lead male was eating pineapples out of a can lol

K. Will's voice was amazing as usual, but this song & MV just weren't my favorite this month. 

So that pretty much wraps up March's K-pop Monthly Upd8! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my opinions and reviews~

Let me know what your favorite K-pop music video of March was in the comments! <3

Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

xoxo Payton

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