Highlights of my Grad Nite & Prom

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Happy K-Party Wednesday!
*my lovely boyfriend & I. His identity will remain a mystery for now~
I know I skipped last week's post, but that was because that was the week of my Grad Nite at Disney Land and my senior Prom. Last week was such a blast and I'd love to share a few highlights with you.

Keep reading to see a few picture highlights of last week @ Grad Nite & Prom <3

Grad Nite

*just purchased a Class of 2015 mickey hat :D
*on the bus to Disney Land Grad Nite!
*I apologize for my lack of Grad Nite pics lol It was a busy night & we got there late :(*


*my lovely dress
*Payton Jade the Mermaid
*close up of my makeup~
*my boyfriend was my date to prom <3 I'd like to keep his identity a secret for now!

I sincerely apologize that my posts are coming up a bit later than usual. I have about 6 more school days left in my high school career, so things are picking up with rapid speed lol 

I'm terrified of graduating because all of my favorite friends  are staying in our hometown :( But I am also excited to see what lies ahead.

Thank you for letting share this little piece of my life with you guys. I had a ton of fun at grad nite & prom!!! I was so in love with my prom dress lol Everyone kept on telling me that I looked like a mermaid lol

Thanks for reading & until next time, 

xoxo Payton

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