K-pop Monthly Upd8 of April

3:58 PM

Happy K-Party Wednesday!

Today I'll be sharing 8 music videos that stood out to me during the month of April! I decided against writing little paragraphs on each of them since I'm a bit pressed for time and amidst AP testing month. I'm in the process of studying until my brain gives out lol 

So if you're wondering why my posts are coming up a bit late, it's because I'm doing some hard core testing for the next few weeks! 

I hope you guys don't mind! 

Keep reading to see which artists/MV's are being featured for the month of April!

1) I Wish by M&D

2) I NEED U by BTS

3) Watch Out by HOTSHOT


5) Who Are You by BOA

6) Promise U by APINK


8) CELEPRETTY by Park Boram

So~ That pretty wraps up this week's post! I know it's rather minimalistic & I appologize for that!

Next week I have some more testing, along with GRAD NITE and PROM! I'm extremely excited & will definitely make sure to take pictures for y'all! I'll also try to get a fuller post up by next week if possible.

Thanks so much for your patience & understanding!

xoxo Payton
throw back to the AP exam free weeks >.<
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