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Happy K-Party Wednesday~ (Posting this a day early because I'm graduating tomorrow!!!)

Hey guys~ If you're reading this on wednesday (June 3rd) then today is the day of my high school graduation! How exciting :D 

If you're new to my blog, quite a few of you are, K-pop Monthly Upd8s are where I pick & review 8 k-pop music videos that come out each month which stand out to me.

I was actually really impressed by a lot of the k-pop music videos that were released in May! All of the music videos that I'm reviewing & sharing with you guys are all ranked pretty high. 

Make sure to keep reading if you're interested in 8 music videos that stood out to me in the lovely month of May!

1) Adore U by 17 (+10/10)

I have been awaiting 17's debut since their cute pre-debut videos on youtube. Although I'm sad that they didn't keep all of the original members shown in their pre-debut intro videos, I'm so happy they finally debuted nontheless. 

I thought this music video and son was absolutely cute and adorable! It reminded me on One Punch though, which it ironic because Samuel (now known as Punch) was a member of pre-debut 17. 

I thought that the set changes were very interesting and captivating. I also really liked how they included closeups of the members' faces as they were singing their individual parts, I found that pretty helpful! 

All in all, I was very satisfied with their debut music video and song. The only thing that I thought was weird was that there were 13 members in the music video and they're called 17 lol 

And lets all just agree that it'll be impossible to single out just one bias in this damn group LOL A lot of them are younger than me (I was born in 1997) so I promise you that you can't stan this group without feeling a bit pedophile-like LOL 

Anyways, does anyone else spot the CNU + Ren love baby???

2) Might Just Die by HISTORY (+9.5/10)

I have always adored HISTORY for their symphony intros lol I especially loved this song's symphony like intro and even more so the heavy breathing woven into the instrumental backgrounds. 

I really like the clean, on point dancing. Of course, I also loved the feeding of the fangirls with all of those hip thrusts, body rolls, lifting of the shirts (THEY'RE ALL SO RIPPED), and my personal fave: grinding on the ground :D

I think all fangirls (and fanboys?) can agree that this was an all in all satisfying MV haha~

3) Kontrol by Kim Sung Kyu (+9/10)

Sung Kyu will always always always have a special place in my heart, especially after seeing INFINITE perform live in LA last year~

If there's anything that I could always use more of, it's slower k-pop jams. I really liked how this song was a bit more slowly paced, but still had a beat we all could jam to~

This music video was full of beautiful imagery and colorful sets which juxtapose the more melancholy lyrics of this song. 

And of course, this song obviously has the signature INFINITE synth throughout the song. Payton approved <3 

4) I NEED U by BTS (+9/10)

I'm completely aware of how this MV was also featured in last month's K-pop Monthly Upd8 of April, but this new 'Original' version of the MV was posted in May, so I'm using it again and am taking the time to thoroughly review it this month haha

I thought that the intro to this music video was very BAP Coffee Shop-esque or even Boyfriend Alarm-esque. I really liked how this particular music video showcased BTS's softer, more vulnerable side.

All of the members look so delicate and vulnerable, which juxtaposes the strong, confident raps and lyrics. 

The beginning of this video was so delicate and soft, but it turned out to be super graphic (WARNING, there is stabbing in this MV!!!) I was kind of taken aback, but I still loved this song!

5) Luv Again by UNIQ (+8.5/10)

I know a lot of older k-pop fans are sick of sappy puppy love confession songs, but I LOVE THEM! This song was just that~ If you've been a follower of my blog since the beginning, you are aware of my love for flower boys!

I really liked the delicate beat and sweet confession lyrics.

By the way, the bleach blonde rapper totally reminds me of a mix of BAP's Zelo and SPEED's Sungmin!

6) Hello Bubble by Girl's Day (+8/10)

This song was actually super short and ended abruptly in my opinion, but I thought this MV was super cute and colorful. I really liked how bubbly and smitten this song was <3

This MV had lovely imagery and the members all looked gorgeous as usual! I adored Mina's red hair!

I liked the MV, but I thought the song was okay. 

7) Trespass by Monsta X (+6.5/10)

Of course, upon the start of the MV I already knew that these kids reminded me of BAP & BTS. I was pretty impressed by the strong beat & raps which emitted confidence. 

It was an alright song and MV, but I quickly got bored of it :/

8) Just Tell Me by MYNAME (+4/10)

Oh boy, I don't have much to say for this music video or song, because I really didn't like it at all haha

The dance was a bit too silly for my liking and the MV seemed super stereotypical (with its bright lights, dark rooms, and unnecessary girls lol). 

Better luck next time, MYNAME!

Anyways, that wraps up this month's K-pop Monthly Upd8! I hope you guys enjoyed it & found some new groups to stan over if you weren't already acquainted with all of the aforementioned! 

Let me know in the comments which k-pop music video stood out to YOU this month :) I'd love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

xoxo Payton

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