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Mini Summer Steals Haul

8:03 AM

Hey guys~

Summer is finally here in sunny SOCAL~ (Well, it's really summer all year long here lol) So, to commemorate the start of my summer break, I have purchased a few things that I know I'll be using all summer long!

I purchased all of these items at a sale price, which is fabulous for those who're trying to save their money for summer adventures! I'm really happy knowing that I saved a lot of money when buying these items.

Keep reading to see what my summer purchases are~

1) Candie's Pastel Floral Bikini

Original price: $36 per piece
Sale price: $13.99 per piece
Okay, so you can not have Summer vacation without a pretty swim suit! For my swim suit, I picked out this super pretty floral and pastel blue bikini from a local Kohl's. I absolutely could not resist the gorgeous Hawaiian looking print, as I am going vacationing in Oahu in a few weeks!!!

This bikini is very flattering on, especially if you have some nice curves & a bust on you. But I have to point out that the bikini top runs BIG! I wear a generous 32D bra size (I'm in the USA, I don't know it measurement is different elsewhere lol) and I bought my bikini top in a medium! I tend to buy bra-like bikini tops in size large because my chest is a bit big lol 

2) Roxy Flip Flops

Original price: ~$16
Sale price: $7
Moving on, you just can't spend a day at the beach or pool without a cute pair of flip flops! I got this gorgeous pair at Nordstrom's for $7! Nordstrom's products tend to run expensive, so when I saw these flip flops for as cheap as $7, I knew I'd be getting a deal~

The bright and neon colors on these flip flops just pop and would look great in summer! The pattern on these flip flops also remind me of surf boards haha~

3) Forever 21 Heart Sunglasses

Original price: ~$5.90
Sale price: ~$3.50
Okay, so these were purchased a little while ago (they're featured in my profile picture to the left) but I bought them with summer vacation in mind! 

They're just super pretty with their rainbow lenses & really chic with their black trim. I think they're very cute to wear as a statement piece to make all of your summer outfits pop!

4) Candie's Lace Panel Butterfly Kimono

Original price: $38
Sale price: $21
I had to borrow a stock picture from Kohl's website because my pictures just weren't doing this piece justice! I purchased this lovely kimono by itself (NOT including the green shirt shown underneath).

When I purchased this item, I was planning on wearing it as a beach cover up over my pastel, floral bikini mentioned previously. This butterfly kimono is just so flow-y and has such a crisp, refreshing print. It is truly light weight and breezy, so you can wear this kimono on the hottest of the summer days. 

5) Betsey Johnson Wallet

Original price: ~$65
Sale price: ~$30
This item is a bit of an outlier as compared to all my other super summery purchases, but where else are you to store all of your ice cream money and amusement park tickets??? 

I picked up this gorgeous Betsey Johnson wallet from Nordstrom Rack at the same time I purchased my flip flops. I just couldn't resist this wallet's soft pastel blue color (similar to my Candie's bikini) and its edgy golden heart stud design. 

So that pretty much wraps up my Mini Summer Steals Haul~ I hope you guys enjoyed it & realized that there are a ton of insanely cute pieces that you can buy cheap but will still be super trendy & high quality! 

Let me know what you guys are doing this summer in the comments! I'd love to hear <3

Thanks so much for reading & until next time,

xoxo Payton <3

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