K-pop Monthly Upd8 of June & July

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Welcome back to K-Party With Payton!

I'm so sorry this post is coming up a day late, I had a 2-day long orientation for my new university! 

It sure has been quite a while since my last K-pop Monthly Upd8 & I sincerely apologize for that! 

Because I was unable to do an Upd8 for the month of June because I was in Oahu, I decided to do a joint K-pop Upd8 for both June & July where I share with you guys the 8 music videos that stood out to me the most!

Make sure to keep reading to see which K-pop music videos stood out to me during the months of June & July! All of them are super great and are not listed in a particular order~

1) Party - Girl's Generation

Okay, summer-themed music videos are my absolute FAVE!!! I instantly fell in love with this music video's beautiful imagery & infectious beat.

This music video was just so colorful and all of the girls' outfits were perfect; I would SO wear all of the outfits shown in this MV lol

On a side note, Sunny (my SNSD bias) looked absolutely gorgeous with her red hair! She totally stood out amongst her group members~

2) Gotta Go To Work - Beast

I really liked the vibe coming from this music video. Although it didn't really have that popular summer-theme that a lot of k-pop MV's have around this time of year, I still really liked it. 

The light colors and balloons in this music video gave off a nice, refreshing feeling. 

And as usual, the members of Beast are looking as gorgeous as ever~

3) Remember - Apink 

Another summer themed music video and I loved it! The beach and yacht scenes were absolutely gorgeous~

I really like how the girls of Apink were decked out in lovely white clothing, which contrasted very nicely with the vibrant blue color of the sky and ocean in the background.

I felt like this song totally suited Apink & this is definitely one of my favorite songs from them~

4) Dope - Bangtan Boys

Okay so, BTS totally SLAYED in this music video. IBTS honestly never fails to impress me. 

From the dance, to the lyrics, to the song, to how HOT the members looked, this MV is all around perfect lol 

On a side note, didn't Jungkook look absolutely irresistible in this music video, or was ti just me???

5) Ring My Bell - Girl's Day

This music video was really everything that I expected it to be lol A colorful music video, a sexy dance, & cute song. 

All of the members looked so pretty with their new hair colors! I think that Mina & Yura looked especially gorgeous in their solo shots. 

I do think that these girls are getting pretty overly sexualized in this music videos, but I mean that's pretty common with a lot of girl groups nowadays unfortunately. 

6) Just Right - Got7

Out of all of the music videos mentioned int his post, this is the one that really took me by surprise. 

This music video was actually so lovely and sweet and sent out the really significant message of always being yourself and being proud of what you are. 

I think that the sincere lyrics of this song could really encourage the youth of today to love themselves and make them realize that they don't need to change at all. 

And how could I not mention how handsome Mark looked in this MV??? haha All fo the members were so goofy and charming in this MV and I loved it!

7) Um Oh Ah Yeh - Mamamoo

I've honestly never really listened nor paid much attention to Mamamoo before, but I actually really liked this song & MV.

This song was just so catchy and how cute was the music video??? Moonbyul looked pretty hot as a "guy" LOL 

It was so cute when Solar found out that Moonbyul was actually a girl and freaked out haha I really liked how they addressed girls being attracted to other girls in this music video~

8) Shake It - Sistar

Sistar is literally the queen of summer themed music videos! I adored Loving UI Swear, & Touch my Body. So, I inevitably fell in love with Shake it! 

I really liked the dance of this song & the song itself was so dancy and fun! The playfulness of this music video just added to how great this song really is~

Sistar's outfits were on point as usual & they are seriously my body goals LOL 

So those are the 8 music videos that have stood out to me the most during the months of June & July!

Make sure to let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite K-pop music video was! I'd love to hear <3

Thanks so much for reading & until next time, 

xoxo Payton
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