My Dorm Room Essentials

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Hey guys! Happy K-Party Wednesday!

As a lot of you already know, it's back to school season already! And for those starting university, like me, that means you'll have to move into the school dorm rooms soon!

This post will share my personal dorm room essentials as well as chic bedding from Parachute! Make sure to check their website out if you're looking for cute bedding~

Keep reading to see my dorm room essentials!

1) Cute Bedding

Okay, the most important thing you'll need when moving into the dorms is cute and comfy bedding! It's one thing that'll leave you excited for restful nights over on campus. 

If you're interested in finding chic bedding options like the one pictured above, make sure to check out Parachute!!! They have tons of bedding/room options to choose from. 

2) Adorable Organizers

Another essential for your dorm room should be cute desk storage/organizers! If you are a close follower of K-Party With Payton, you already saw that in my Daiso Haul, I explained how I use these cute organizers to keep my makeup in!

You could also use these cute organizers to store your pencils, erasers, or other school supplies in on your desk!

3) Secret Hiding Places

If you bring any valuable items that you don't want your room mates to get their hands on, you should definitely bring up items that have secret storage compartments in them!

The one showed above is a faux book. It looks super pretty on the outside, as if it were a real book, but it has an empty compartment on the inside to hide things in!

In mine, I just stored a few of my sheet masks & BOYFRIEND endorsed cotton pads :)

4) Photos of Your Friends & Family

Now, whether you're moving away from home for university or just staying 15 minutes away, having pictures of your loved ones in your dorm room will definitely keep them close to you in your heart.

I feel like it's really comforting to have pictures of your friends and family in your dorm room as a pick-me-up if you're feeling down or if you're missing them. 

I personally would string up a bunch of my polaroid pictures of all of my friends and family in my dorm room to be super decorative and to display all my summer memories with them~

5) Your Favorite Furry Friend

So, if you aren't able to take your family or friends up with you to keep in your university dorm room (lol) then your next best option is to take your favorite stuffed animal/toy up with you to keep in your dorm!

I know that I will personally be bringing a few of my favorite sheep plushies up to my dorm to keep on my bed <3 It'll add an extra cute touch to your side of the room!

6) Fairy Lights

Now, the last thing on my list of dorm room essentials is definitely the most aesthetic: fairy lights!!!

I feel like hanging up fairy lights in your room would make your room so much more adorable & aesthetic! Your dorm room would be a step closer to being tumblr status haha~ 

So that pretty much wraps up my post for today! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Are any of you guys heading off to university soon/starting a new school year yet? Please share with me in the comments, I'd love to hear <3

Thanks so much for reading & until next time, 

xoxo Payton
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